When the threat of “Age-old Superstitions” still looms in India

INDIA: The platform of “progress”.

India has made immense advancement in every sector but stills believes is superstition. Despite such advancements, comparisons with the West are always a favourite hobby for every people. We do not realize but our every conversation will start and end with comparisons. Be it Bollywood copying Hollywood or music comparisons, traffic rules and so on, we are always on the drive to bring any topic that fits this category.

As a native resident of this country, it should be my responsibility to not speak ill against a country that I was born. I should also not point out on the comparison topic because we all know about it. I think if we look around, every people take inspiration or to say it simply, copy from some or the other. We all do have our unique ideas. So I won’t continue anymore.

When the age-old superstitions stop India from moving ahead:

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The only annoying part that concerns me is these never-ending superstitions in the name of traditions. I am not here to speak ill against any traditional beliefs and neither on religion at all. I am just a simple helpless witness to the crimes that happen in the name of traditions but which are actually some senseless superstitions.

Superstitions are not something unique only to India. Massive superstitious practices are evident in parts of Africa, remote parts of South America and many other countries which are always shown on national geographic or discovery channels.

In India, the only difference is that these superstitious practices have entered the mainstream and are also accepted legally by naming it as “traditions”. People have welcomed these superstitious happily without even trying to look into the consequences behind it. Sadly, most of the crimes against women and also men are happening because of these superstitious practices.

The superstitious practice of witch creation and hunting:

Among every superstitious practice, I will focus on the whole issue of witch hunting that is happening in several parts of Assam. Kokrajhar, Dhemaji, Goalpara, Tinsukia are some of the regions which have experienced this evil.

It is an age-old evil superstition cum “tradition”, that has plagued these parts for many years. According to local beliefs, a ‘witch’ or in Assamese, “daini” is a person, specifically targeted to a woman as having evil powers. She is a person, capable of inflicting destruction for other “good” people.

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Vulnerable women targeted in the name of witch-hunting:

The witch-hunting “tradition” has damaged many women’s lives. The entire process behind is to firstly create these so-called “witch”. The evil “leaders” of those regions will target those women who in the society do not fit the category of a “good woman”. She will be someone who is either a widow, unmarried, “ugly” in the eyes of other people, physically or mentally disabled or a woman who is unable to give birth.


In several cases, the widowed women who are a sole owner of a propertied land are also targeted. They are accused of having evil powers, who killed their respective husbands or in-laws and are claiming their “evil rule” in their land. So the next “great” solution, these brave men comes up, is to nab and capture those women and murder them.

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When the law interfered:

Many civil societies and NGOs in Assam are trying their best to stop this evil practice. a bill was drafted as Prevention and Protection From Witch Hunting Bill, which made a rapid entry in Assam.

Witch-hunting in Assam. Source: Doctoring and Hunting Witches in Assam

Witchcraft as different from Witch-hunting:

Poly Vaquelin of the Women’s Studies Centre at Gauhati University made a clear distinction between “witchcraft” and “witch-hunting”. She pointed out that, we should not try to mix the two terms as both are completely different

Witchcraft is a practice that happens in many parts of the world, as a unique cultural belief. The followers do not interfere with anyone but try to create their own unique cult and practice silently. They are actually glorified.

Witch-hunting is considered evil because of practices that look scary and they are considered evil

BIRUBALA RABHA- A Pioneering lady who has fought against this witch-hunting practices:

Birubala Rabha, a woman crusader is trying to save people from evil practices such as these. She comes from the tribal Rabha community, which has witnessed this evil practice to a worse extent. Being a widow herself with no kin, she can relate to all those women suffering from this.

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