Things to know about weird bans in certain countries

Weird bans in countries that will surprise us:

Strange things happen every day. The internet is flooded with videos that are bizarre. Yet we love watching these videos for fun. But when we hear about weird bans for chewing gum in public, it does sound strange.

First of all, there are certain countries that follow laws and bans that will make us wonder about the person making those laws.

Therefore there are certain countries having strange bans.


Time travel (China)


First of all, China has banned movies based on time travel. Because they were afraid about the unreal portrayal of historical events. Since the idea of going back in time was something the authorities did not like. Also they were concerned that people will not recognize original Chinese history. Showing ideas of reincarnation are not allowed to do without government approval).

Lip-synching (Turkmenistan)


Lip-syncing is banned in Turkmenistan. The former President, Saparmurat Niyazov was against lip syncing. Because he wanted to protect his nation’s culture. The ban was limited to cultural events by the state and on television channels.

Chewing gum (Singapore)


Singapore has banned people from chewing gums in the public. Since the ban is on import and sale, therefore people are unable to find any. But the ban is lifted for those who can purchase “therapeutic” gum from pharmacists and dentists with a prescription.

Blue Jeans (North Korea)


North Korea has banned blue jeans. Because blue color is related to America. But the people are able to wear black jeans. The leader has also banned tattoo and piercings as they are Western inventions.

Winnie the Pooh (Poland)


Poland has banned this cute character, Winnie the Pooh. Due to the fact that the bear was not dressed properly. It was banned in the Polish playgrounds. The authorities felt that the bear was having “dubious sexuality”. They decided that the bear is not suitable as a mascot for children.

Dying in the Houses of Parliament (Britain)


Furthermore Britain is also in the list for adding strange bans. According to law, a person cannot pass away in the House of Parliament. They felt that, death inside the Parliament walls will result in the deceased to have a state funeral.




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