Watching Kothanodi- A modern version of ancient folktales from Assam.

Kothanodi- A revised version of old folktales from Assam.


Folktales are a part of every culture. In addition, Indian folktales are unique because of its diverse cultures. But have you ever considered watching a movie on folktales that is changed in a modern way?  We have all grown up listening and reading folktales. However with change in time, folktales no longer interests us. We just consider them as childish. But this movie, Kothanodi is changing the concept of folktales. It is shot in a way that it will make us feel like as if we are watching a thriller movie. The director has done an amazing job of bringing alive the old classic folktales into a movie.

The movie- Kothanodi


First of all, this movie is directed by Bhaskar Hazarika. The movie has several excellent actors from Assam. They are Adil Hussain, Zerifa Wahid, Urmila Mahanta, Kopil Bora, Seema Biswas and so on. Because of its critical content, the film was screened at Busan International Film Festival. Also it won the Best Feature Film in the 63rd National Film Awards.

The movie taken from a classic Assamese folktale novel.

The movie basically is based on a classic Assamese folktale novel called Burhi Aair Sadhu (Grandma’s Tales). It was Lakshminath Bezbaruah who wrote the novel. First of all, apart from various stories, 4 popular ones are shown in the movie.


The stories are:


Tejimola was the name of a girl, who lived in the rural regions of Assam. Her mother died when she was young and was thus raised by her father. Her story will make you remind of Cinderella but it is not a happy ending like her. Once, her father remarried but only for his daughter. Since it is an old story, so her father was actually a merchant. As a result, he had to move a lot. In this regard, Tejimola had to live with her step mother. As always expected, the step mother was cruel to her out of jealousy. She made her suffer a lot and also killed her. But in the movie, the director has made it so thrilling. He has changed and added thrill elements.


This is another folk tale of a girl. She and her mother faces trouble from her father and his other wife. Therefore she is always a lonely soul. To spend her time, she will sit on the paddy fields alone. But once she heard a voice out of nowhere. The person behind the voice never revealed himself. Later she find out that the voice was actually a God like figure. He never reveals his true form but always takes the shape of a python. Although it might sound childish but it has a deep story within. Moreover the movie makes the story quite interesting.

Hence both the two stories mainly reflects the discrimination faced by women during those days.

Furthermore the other two stories are also quite adventurous. One is about a princess born out of a vegetable. The last one is about a man who always kills the child that this wife gives birth to.

Hence all of these stories as shown in the movie will make you feel the excitement that you have for a fantasy movie. It also tries to show the societal realities through these extraordinary stories.




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