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Unique and unreal underwater resorts and hotels in the world to live in

Unreal underwater resorts and hotels in the world:

Underwater resorts and hotels- The travel industry has come a long way. People no longer want to stay in a hotel room with gym, spa and swimming pools. Rather, people are searching for activities that make them excited. Hence this is how the era of underwater resorts began. It is a different experience for people. Imagine a hotel room under water. Even the thought of it excites our senses.

Here are the most fascinating, unique and unreal underwater resorts to live in.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, USA.

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First of all, it is located 30 feet below the Emerald Lagoon in Florida. While it is not luxurious and fancy, yet it can give you the adventure that we desire. Seems like, we have to go for scuba diving to reach the resort. And If you don’t know how they even teach scuba-diving lessons.

Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji.

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Also this is an underwater resort in Fiji Islands. Most noteworthy is the fact that, this is world’s first sea floor resort.

The Hotell Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden.

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To experience the underwater feel, this hotel is a must visit. Because the guests are provided with an inflatable canoe. They are taken out into the middle of Lake Malaren. The room looks like an aquarium and unreal!

Reef World, Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

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Another thrilling experience will be to spend the night in the Great Barrier Reef. This resort provides majestic experience like an underwater spa. In addition, it has eight underwater suites and glass-walled bathrooms surround the resort. 

The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar.

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To get in your room you must jump in your boat that takes you to your own private floating room. After doing all the water activities, you can sleep under the stars and sea which is probably on everyone’s bucket list!

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai.

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Finally, this is a surreal underwater experience in Dubai. This hotel is surrounded by an underwater atmosphere. But only visit this place if you’re strong enough. Because sharks, mantra rays and fish of all kinds swim above your room.

Hence these resorts are definitely a must travel destination.


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