Unusual facts in history that will surprise and shock us.

8 Unusual facts in history, that will surprise us.


History is never a thing of the past. Literally it might be but in reality, we are all connected to history. Also, we all have the tendency to get bored of historical facts. But putting aside the famous historical events, there are events that will shock us.



Albert Einstein would have been the President of Israel but he declined.


Scientist, Albert Einstein was given an offer to become the President of Israel in 1952. Although he was flattered by the offer but he rejected. Because he feels that being a scientist, he lacks the ability to be a people’s representative. Since he has spent his life on studying objective facts, so he would not understand people. He feels that, he does not have the aptitude to be people friendly.



In 1815, teeth were pulled from the mouths of dead soldiers to be used as prosthetics.


In 1815, dentistry was an ancient concept. First of all, many people’s teeth had become rotten. Because people consumed sugar in high quantity. Therefore many dentists found a new method to create dentures. After the Battle of Waterloo, dentists used the teeth of several dead soldiers to make dentures. The teeth were collected by scavengers and they would sell them to the dentists.



Turning a living cat into a telephone.


In 1929, researchers at Princeton University claimed that they had made a living cat into a telephone. Professor Ernest Glen Wever and his research assistant, Charles William Bray conducted an experiment. They took an unconscious but an alive cat and transformed it into a working telephone. They wanted to test, how sound is perceived by the auditory nerve. First of all, they made the cat unconscious through sedatives. And then they opened the cat’s skull to access the auditory nerve. A telephone wire was connected from the nerve to the other end of the telephone receiver. One of them would speak in the cat’s ears and the other would listen through the receiver from a far room.




Chinese women used to bind their feet to make them look smaller.


This was a custom, popular among the Chinese women. The women’s feet were applied with tight binding to make their foot look smaller. It was understood as a status symbol and beauty in Chinese culture. It was a harmful practice that made several women disabled even today.



Anglo-Zanzibar War was the only war that lasted for only 38 minutes.


On 27th August 1896, a military conflict broke out between the UK and the Zanzibar Sultanate in Africa. The war was the shortest that only lasted between 38-45 minutes. After the war, the Sultanate ended and UK ruled over them.


A native American was buried, sitting on the top of a horse.


A native American man named Blackbird had a favourite pet horse. He loved his horse a lot. Therefore after he died, he was buried sitting on the top of that horse.






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