Twinkle Khanna’s take on Feminism-Times when Mrs. Funny-bones had her A-game on

Twinkle Khanna’s take on Feminism-Times when Mrs. Funnybones had her A-game on.

She is smart, a real wry wit and holds a ravishing persona. Mrs. Funny bones is much talked about especially after the break from her in-front camera roles and there’s no denial we like her more this way and writes columns for TOI, an author of fairly two creative books and an interior design by choice. She is none other than Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs. Funnybones.

It’s no brainer to like Twinkle Khanna.

She is someone who’s adamantly rejected rules of the mainstream and has still achieved this level of success and fame. Whether it’s about raising two impressionable kids, husband-wife camaraderie, overbearing friends, and relatives, exasperating house help or the sensitive in-law’s territory– she’s SO relatable yet assertive about her opinions and choices.

As always, her idea of feminism is also not conventional but she ideally reflects them strongly with her witty charm. Here’s what she thinks of Feminism and being a feminist.

  1. She is very fond of her identity and swears by it.

  1. Her ‘Karwachauth’ tweet had everyone gawking

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  1. When Rajdeep Sardesai asked Sania Mirza her plans of settling down. She replied like a Badass.

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  1. Her idea of marriage is what should be idealized.

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  1. The way she made ‘93 women will be raped on a daily basis’ remark.


  1. She strongly supported Breast Cancer Awareness.


  1. Her remarks on misogyny against women, over Twitterati’s derogatory tweets on Smriti Irani.


  1. The way she tried breaking the myth about menstruation.

  1. Last but not the least, her idea of feminism.

She further quoted “Women are trying hard to find their place in the world, which was theirs anyway. Unfortunately, Men had the keys and locked us in a cage, and now we’re finding ways to wiggle out.”

She mentioned that being a feminist is not about hating men, but for women to take a stand for themselves and speak their mind clearly without hesitation and fear of being judged. The society is what we make it, every perspective count.

For ladies, who were once offended to be called a feminist, don’t be…. at-least if you’re not wanna be called ‘Idiots’.


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