Trying to decipher the lyrics of Bollywood songs

Trying to decipher the lyrics of Bollywood songs

  1. Andaz

This 1994 movie, Andaz starring Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla has a song called “Khada Hai Khada Hai” (it is standing up) which contains sexual undertones not only in the lyrics of these Bollywood songs but also in the video as well.

The song’s main objective is appealing the audiences during those phases. The song has actor, Anil Kapoor dancing and trying to make amends with the actor, Juhi Chawla in the most sexual way. If you observe the video carefully, it is full of sexual foreplay but twisted in a way, to keep the 90s audiences’ minds’ with pure wonders.The director behind this video is making great attempts to create an innocent and cute romantic interaction between the two lead pairs.

However, the lyrics and the video in the current scenario are enough to send people rolling in laughter but maybe not during the 90s. So cheers to the 90s audience!



2. Maine Pyar Kiya

This 1989 movie, Maine Pyar Kiya, starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree had a song called “Main ladka hu, tu ladki hai” (I am a boy/man, you are a girl/women).

This song, I won’t say is sexually oriented but the first sentences in the lyrics are idiotic enough to make people awe with romantic wonders that Salman Khan is a man with oozing masculinity. The song I guess was written in the hopes that some young teenage girls will giggle with excitement thinking about Salman Khan being a dashing male. The main fact about the lyrics of this song is perhaps to understand that he is a man, capable of attracting the rich popular women, falls in love with a woman who is completely the opposite, shy but of course beautiful. The song also points out to the ideal description of a man who should be dashing, filled with muscles, capable of being a women saviour and the women should be shy, overtly feminine but beautiful enough to attract a male of such a calibre.

The song and the movie try to create a fairy tale, with such ideas but surely it won’t impress us anymore.


3. Chote Sarkar

This 1996 movie, Chote Sarkar starring Govinda and Shilpa Shetty had a song called “Ek Chumma tu Mujhko Udhar De De, badle mein UP, Bihar le le” (Give me a kiss on loan and take UP and Bihar in return).

Now this song will make us wonder about the mindset of the lyricist who thought while writing this song. Forget about the video that has idiotic dance and romantic sequences, the lyrics about giving a kiss on loan and letting her take, the two important regions of India will make us cringe in embarrassment. Maybe, the director and the lyricist was trying to make the song as funny as possible. So cheers to them and also the people who actually enjoyed this song.

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4. Khalnayak

This movie, Khalnayak had a song “Choli ke Peeche Kya hai” (What is behind your blouse?) Now this song’s lyrics, I understand is obviously made with a purpose to feel sexual for certain sections of people but the director and the lyricist made a mess in trying to create the perfect sexual song. Putting Madhuri Dixit Nene in the song, with suggestive sexual expressions and body movements is sure to take away the minds of certain groups of individuals with such wonders.


5. Songs that start with the word, “poh”.

Certain other songs that start with the word “Poh” which doesn’t makes any sense if you try to even decipher them.

Hera Pheri-1

These movies starting with Hera Pheri had a so-called romantic song “Main Ladki poh poh poh”, starring Suneil Shetty and Tabu as the lead pairs in the song which actually will make us clueless about what the description is for the man and the woman.


Son of Sardaar

The next great song to start with the word “poh” is in the movie, Son of Sardaar, starring multiple actors.



The next movie with the legendary, “poh” sound is in the movie, Partner, starring Govinda, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.



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