Trend of pre wedding and intimate photography for couples in India.

A growing trend of pre-wedding photography in India.


With the onset of October, wedding seasons have begun. People are gearing up to prepare for the wedding. Moreover besides going for shopping or taking up skin and beauty treatment sessions, pre wedding photography is a must for every couples today. While parents are busy in preparing invitation cards, couples are enjoying their own romantic moments together. They are in a mood to celebrate their romance and love like a movie. As a result, these pre wedding photographers comes into the scene. Moreover boudoir or the intimate photography is also very popular today.



Pre wedding and boudoir shoots for Indian couples.


Gone are those days when wedding was understood only as preparing for jewelries, and shopping. Earlier, the bride and the groom were not supposed to meet before their wedding. Although they do meet secretly but parents never allowed this meeting. However, the pre wedding photography trend has changed the wedding scenario. Couples enjoy their private moments together before their endless wedding rituals. These photo shoots are really expensive. However couples today are willing to spend for making memories together.


First of all, the pre- wedding shoots captures the romantic moment of a couple. They generally wear beautiful outfits, specially prepared for the occasion. The theme behind will be like a romantic movie. All the shoots cover beautiful locations in India. However in certain cases, resorts, hotel gardens or even a studio is used for  photography.


Boudoir shoots are also popular among couples. They are intimate shoots that needs sexual closeness.


Here, couples are ready to experiment themselves with bold photo shoots. The photographers will ask them to be in their natural sexual state. The couples will share passionate kiss or embrace each other as if they are doing foreplay. They use props like heels, cigars, masks, furs, pearls or candles. They generally use sexual themes like 50 Shades of Grey, Great Gatsby and so on.



Hence Indian couples are trying to make their wedding memories a success. Thanks to these amazing photographers, nowadays the trend is getting popular day by day. It has spread across several regions of India.


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