Top TV shows to binge-watch after your breakup

The top shows to watch to get over your ex

We all know that BREAKUPS are the worst. The newfound insecurities, jealousy and endless ways to get over your ex seems tiresome. No matter how many times our friends suggest us to ‘Screw him’ we only end up handling things by ourselves. Having a pizza and doing a makeover can help, but watching TV shows that make you giggle and provide various ways on how to get over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend can be the best option. Not only does it keeps you busy but also gives the much needed motivation to move ahead in life.


New Girl


If you want to feel again that being single is the best, this TV show is made for you. Being single doesn’t means you cannot be happy. You don’t need a man or woman to make you feel happy or complete. You need to be with yourselves and this funny show reminds you its okay to be single.



If Ross can get over three divorces and innumerable breakups, why can’t you get over your ex? This epic TV show is so funny and refreshing that you won’t need anything else in life. Not only does it gives you a much-needed break from our daily life but also it shows us how to get over your ex.



Best friends before boyfriends, anyday anytime, right? This show about four women shows their fare shares of one-night stands, breakups, marriage and how they deal with them. If feeling down about being single, watch this show which stays true to its theme and depicts how single can be a hell lot of fun.

The Inbetweeners



Suddenly your breakups would look nothing when you start watching this show. You’ll feel lucky you’re not in high school or 17. Hilarious as well as touching, you would laugh as much as you’ll cringe. But it’s a good thing, right?


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