Top peaceful countries in the world and the rank of India will shock you

Peaceful countries in the world with an improvement by India:

1200px-GPI_2017Finding peace in today’s world is difficult. Yet there are countries which has proven to be the most peaceful in the world. First of all, these countries are peaceful according to a ranking. Because the rankings sees the level of violence around the world. These are rankings by the Institute of Economics and Peace. India has also managed to reach a higher position than the last year.

Top countries in the world that are peaceful:



Iceland is the top peaceful country in the world. Seems like, they have always managed to remain at the top. Iceland has low levels of homicides, terror attacks and people in jails.

New Zealand


New Zealand has managed to reach the 2nd position for the most peaceful countries in the world this year. As a result, judging by the small population, the country is peaceful in terms of advancement.



The third most peaceful country in the world is Portugal. Surprisingly enough, this country has improved from last years.



Austria ranks the 4th in the list of top peaceful countries. Due to lesser homicides, this country is peaceful. Austria is known for their cleanliness and strict recycling methods. Their goal is to save the environment.

The status of India as the peaceful nation in the world:


Reaching the records for the most peaceful is a new change for India. While the ranking is 137, India has improved from the last years. Most noteworthy is the fact that, despite conflicts, the ranking has increased from 141 last year. Much as it is still very low in the ranking but the improvement will result in progress.


Furthermore, opposite to the other top peaceful nations, India is very different. Because, India has a different approach to consider what is peace for the nation. Same goes for all those nations that are ranked least peaceful.

Hence, it is time that we make ourselves responsible to create a peaceful world. Challenging of course but it is worth it.


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