Top 5 amazing health Benefits of Tamarind

 Benefits of Tamarind are surprisingly good for health. It is a sure shot favorite of people who like their food tangy. Everyone might remember their school days when tamarind and salt were our favorite. Many also would have got warnings not to eat too much of tamarind. Now it’s the time to rewind those memories of tamarind.


Tamarind has several health benefits other than making the food taste a thousand times better. There are many benefits from tamarind consumption right from good eyesight to weight loss and many more. Check out more on their benefits here:


Tamarind has HCA ( hydroxycitric acid) that is widely known to help weight loss. It helps in reducing the appetite and thus the weight reduction. If you  are willing to lose weight gradually, keep including more tamarind to your diet.



Tamarind is a natural product that can improve your digestion. If you include tamarind as a spice in your food, it will improve your digestive system and fiber in it makes the stool smooth. It also helps in dissolving the food faster and you can consider consuming it even in the case of diarrhea.



The amount of Vitamin C and other anti oxidants make it an immunity booster. Tamarind also has antiseptic effects; it gets rid of germs in the body.



Another major benefit of tamarind is that it monitors insulin levels in the body. Usually, people having carb rich diet leads to uncontrolled levels of glucose. When you consume tamarind daily, all the fluctuations will be monitored and controlled.

Above are the top 5 health benefits of imli. Hence the next time you have a craving of eating imli, just take a bite unhesitatingly. Tamarind also helps in getting clear skin.



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