This woman has spent 3 weeks in reducing plastic waste in Himachal Pradesh

Reducing plastic wastes in Spiti Valley.


Himachal Pradesh is traveler’s favourite destination. Because of its beauty, tourists visit most frequently. First of all, the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh has become polluted. Since it is a popular tourist spot, people litter plastic wastes. The valley is situated at an altitude of around 12,500 feet over sea level. It is near Tibet and Ladakh border. As a result, Shivya Nath, a travel blogger helped in reducing the plastic wastes in the Valley.




She raised awareness against the waste in the valley. She says, “we should refill our bottles with pure water. This is because, the water bottles that we use will produce chemicals if they are buried or reused.

Art installation in the valley by using the waste:

Shivya created an art installation through all the waste plastic bottles. Other travelers also helped her in creating this artwork. They are hoping that it will help in raising awareness among tourists.



Lesson for all the tourists:

This is an inspiration and a lesson for all of us. This will remind us of our mistakes as tourists. We owe a lot to the environment. So it it time that we help in making a cleaner place on Earth.






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