Things to know about office hook-ups without getting caught

Relationships in the office:

Office hook-ups are a discreet affair. When people of two opposite sex work together, there is always a scope for romance. Romance is great but hookups make it more interesting. The only obstacle is to make it secretive. We can’t show our romantic or sexual feelings openly for our male colleague.

A challenge that needs quick solving:

This is always a challenge which disturbs the whole fun of hookups. So to resolve this fun, let’s read some interesting rules on hookups.

Rules about hookups and not getting noticed:

Follow the unwritten law:

This is a rule or a law that applies to every office protocol. It is a rule about not having any sort of romantic relationships between workers. This is obvious that we need to keep our relationship discreet. To keep it going, you can sex through texts when you are inside the office.

Don’t make it obvious:

When love is in the air, it’s natural to go overboard. Here, you feel the urge to keep talking to your lover or thinking about how he made you feel! Well, well, keep a check on your emotions. And please make sure not to bring your fights and make your relationship the topic of discussion among colleagues.

Picking up your co-worker:

Here you need to understand the difference between work and play. It is okay to make your relationship spicier through flirting. But only after office hours. These are certain things you can pay attention for keeping the hookups intact.

i. Compliment always works in this sort of a situation. So compliment her when you or she enters the office.

ii. Rapport during lunch breaks.

What makes office hookups fun is because it is secretive. So the fun part comes when you can text or flirt behind the boss’s back. This will get her or him excited about the fact that you are being sensual to her. This is much more interesting because you can’t touch her and the urge to have sex increases.

Plans for a date:

To make your hookup active, text her about going on a date. This will give your partner the vibe of letting yourself go from work which will make it more exciting. The weekend is actually the ‘happy hours’ that you need to add to your partner’s excitement. This will make your hookups even more interesting.





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