The story of a 23 year old man who exposed illegal organ trafficking in India

Organ trafficking- An illegal racket in India

Organ trafficking is a serious concern affecting many people across India. This is an illegal racket, operating across every corners of the country.

The story of a 23 year old man who exposed illegal organ trafficking in India

The story of a 23 year old man who exposed illegal organ trafficking in India

The story of a 23 year old boy who was a victim:

This is a story of Sundar Singh Jatav, struggling to find work in Mumbai. He was working in a menial job at a video game shop where his daily wage was not more than INR 160.

Sundar Singh Jatav

Sundar Singh Jatav

His financial problems:

Jatav was facing financial problems but soon a man promised him to put an end to his financial crisis. In late 2015, someone suggested him to sell his kidney. After selling his kidney, he discovered shocking revelations. Over the next several months, a high-level kidney trafficking network was revealed and that too in one of the most reputable hospitals of India.

The illegal kidney trafficking:

Jatav’s truth about this illegal racket has put more than 14 people behind the bars. Those include, few doctors and the hospital’s chief executive in July. A fake kidney transplant involving a 48-year-old patient was also stopped due to Jatav’s information.

The debate about kidney trafficking:

Kidney transplants are legal, when a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent or grandchild acts as a donor. However, the reality in India is different where everyone is indulging in illegal rackets. Patients who do not have any relatives has the choice to buy organs from strangers.   

No of illegal organ donations in India:

In India, illegal kidney transplants happens almost every single day. In this case, it is difficult to get the actual estimates for it. However, a month before the Mumbai arrests, at least three kidney transplants were based on scam documents as revealed by a leading hospital in New Delhi.

organ donation

Jatav’s case exposed L.H. Hiranandani Hospital which is a private facility in Powar.  Currently, authorities are focusing on exposing more illegal kidney transplants. “Obviously, this case is just an indicator of what’s going on beneath the surface,” Nagral said. “We don’t know the extent of it, but it’s very difficult for these kidney sales to be completely stopped.”


His story is a lesson and an inspiration for all of us:

Jatav became an easy victim because of his financial background. His family was more than $10,000 in debt where Jatav was the only ray of hope to solve the financial crisis.

Initially, Jatav was reluctant to sell his kidney but was manipulated by the agent, Iqbal who called himself Sandeep. He arranged everything for Jatav to proceed this kidney transplant.  “I trusted them,” Jatav said. “I thought they were good people wanting to help me with my financial condition.”

However things turned sour, when Jatav was not informed about the price for his kidney. He was told that it would be enough to pay off his debt. Jatav never encountered the donor form which made him confused and suspicious.

His kidney was removed in two days and a week later he was discharged. Soon Sandeep was ignoring his calls and he had not been paid.

Through the help of a friend, Jatav contacted Suresh Gupta, who tipped off the police before another surgery was started. The three doctors who persuaded Jatav for the surgery were soon arrested but freed on bail.

Thus Jatav’s incident is a lesson for all of us to be cautious about these scams that occur on a regular basis in India. One should be aware of all the formalities, rules and regulations before indulging in any such activities. 

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