The era of Kalyug- the Hindu age of evil and darkness

Kalyug- The Hindu age of evil and darkness.


The age today is an age of darkness. It is no longer a pure age anymore. We have ample evidences to prove it. For instance, corruption, terrorism, rampant crimes of all sorts completely define this age. First of all, the Hindu scriptures predicted about this age a long time ago. According to Hindu myths, our world, had four ages. But it is the last age or the Kalyug that defines the age today.

The 4 ages of Hinduism.

Hinduism has 4 ages or yugas. They are firstly, Satya Yug, Treta Yug,  Dwapar Yug and Kal Yug.

Satya Yug- This was the first Yug of truth and peace. It was known as the golden phase. It was the age of truth and perfection.


Treta Yug- This is a phase which sees the gradual rise of power and rule. Here many emperors rise to dominance and conquer the world.


Dwapar Yug- In this age, people are not as strong like the earlier ages. They are affected by qualities like imbalance, anxiety, depression, dullness, negativity and so on. These qualities are called Tamas. It is a Hindu philosophy of darkness.

Kali Yug or Kalyug- Finally, this is the age of today’s world.  It is the age of darkness and ignorance. People become sinners and lack virtue. They become slaves to their passions.


Kalyug and the mystery behind the Kalki Avatar.


Kalyug is the much sought after age. This is an age of unrest. In addition, the Hindu scriptures have described this age quite perfectly. According to beliefs, this age will see evil and darkness cover the world. Because as based on beliefs, this age started right after Lord Krishna left Earth.

The Kalki Avatar.



Moreover, the age of Kalyug is actually an age when the Kalki Avatar will take shape. First of all, Hinduism was based on a belief that saw mythological tales of Gods and Goddesses taking different human or animal forms in several phases of life. As a result, Lord Krishna was a true example of an avatar or forms. He is actually Lord Vishnu- the preserver of Earth. Krishna is an avatar of him. Similarly, Lord Rama from the popular story, Ramayan is also an avatar of Vishnu.


Furthermore when the age of life will no longer be pure and true, then Lord Vishnu will take the form of the Kalki Avatar. According to beliefs, this age will turn dark, with evil in various forms. Also the age will continue for many years to the point when the Earth will no longer be able to bear the darkness. In this regard, Lord Vishnu will take the shape of Kalki, to destroy every evil that is destroying the world. He will appear in a complete dark form, riding a horse and a sword in his hand.

Hence whether you are an atheist or a believer, good and evil had always existed. Forget religion and spirituality, but this is indeed true that the world is full of evil. It is not a pure nor a selfless world. Everyone of us are ignorant of other or the Earth. So this mythic figure of a person, riding a horse to destroy evil is actually a hope for all of us. It is an optimistic streak for people to be confident, to be able to erase the darkness in this age.


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