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The Driest Place on Earth Is Blooming with Flowers For The First Time In Two Years

After few days of rainfall, the driest place on Earth gave a surprise to everyone by flourishing with bright flowers. The Atacama Desert situated in northern Chile usually looked like this:

rtx105w6 Source

But now looks like this:

_97492439_3caf76b1-2b42-474c-a4e1-beba38fd58e0 Source

The beauty of this valley of pink flowers is something worth remembering for. Don’t you all want to visit this place ASAP and click plenty of selfies?  After an intense and continuous rain, this place offered us a colourful valley of pretty flowers. This phenomenon is usually known as ‘flowering desert phenomena and it usually happens every five to seven years.  However, this time the flowers came unexpectedly in just a time span of two years.

The previous “Desierto Florido” occurred after a flash flood in 2015 when the desert received two inches of rain within 24 hours.

Nolana flowers, Atacama Desert in bloom Source


Though the Atacama is the driest place on Earth, its beauty will leave you spellbound and mesmerized. This place receives about half-an-inch of rain per year which is extremely less.

More than 200 flower species are found in this wonderful place which attracts tourist and visitors all around from the world. The flowers are of different varieties and unique in its own way. BBC was informed by the Tourist officials that even more, distinguished species will crop up in the desert within next coming weeks.

Atacama desert in bloom at Reserva National Paposo Source

Sadly, the duration of these beautiful flowers lasts only until November. The colours of the bloom keep changing as we can see from the pic. Tourists are guaranteed to experience a hell lot of different colours of flowers like purple, yellow, blue, pink and many others. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and visit this place to sense this divinity.

If you visit this place, make sure not to get greedy and pick the flowers. However tempted you might be, it is strictly prohibited by the government officials.

Below is a gallery of this breath-taking place surrounded with magnificent flowers.






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