The ASEAN-India Music festival in Old Fort, New Delhi was a thrilling experience for music lovers.

The ASEAN-India Music Festival in Old Fort was a treat for music lovers.


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of ASEAN-India dialogue relations, an amazing music festival happened in Old Fort, New Delhi. First of all, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has organized this festival. Also they have collaborated with SEHER, a cultural organization for arts, to invite all the artists of the ASEAN countries.


Theme for the festival.


“Shared Values, Common Destiny” is the theme. Here the aim is to strengthen cultural influences among all the ASEAN countries with India. Moreover this festival will host performances by musicians of several countries. These countries are Brunei, Darussalam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, India will also join them in the performance.



The music festival and the artists.

First of all, this is a 3 day festival that started from 6 to 8th October.

Here are the following musicians who performed at the festival.

  • The Ugly Band from Myanmar.

Firstly, this band formed on 11th December, 2011. They have 4 members in their band.

  • Cherpen from Malaysia.


This is a band from Malaysia. Firstly, they have 4 members. They are  Nemo, Caey, Ariff and Kimie. Their genre is pop rock.

  • Angarag Papon Mahanta from India.


Papon is a popular singer in India. He is originally from Assam. Moreover he sang several Bollywood songs as well. He is famous for his unique music compositions. Also he is a known face in Coke Studio-a unique platform for music.

  • Kong Sothearith from Cambodia.


He is a pop singer from Cambodia. He has participated in several cultural activities like the The Great Artist Series in Bangkok and so on. Moreover he also works with the Cambodian government. Also he has performed in several other countries across the globe.


  • L’Alphalpha from Indonesia.


This is a music band from Indonesia. They have 6 members in their band. They are Herald Reynaldo, Yudishtira Mahendra, Tercitra Winitya, Ildo Reynardian, Byatriasa Ega, Purusha Irma. In addition, they formed their band in 2006. Their genre is pop with a mixture of rock. 

  • Bipul Chettri and Travelling Band from India.


Bipul Chetri is a singer from Darjeeling, India. He is also a songwriter as well. His debut as an artist made him popular. He became the ‘Top Selling Artist from 2014-2016. On the other hand, the travelling band is a group of several individual artists. These artists along with Bipul joined together to perform as a travelling band.

  • The Raghu Dixit Project from India.

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Raghu Dixit is an Indian singer. Firstly he has combined ethnic style songs with music from other countries. In addition, the Raghu Dixit Project is a popular band in India. They have used ancient poetry from Karnataka and mixed it with contemporary global music.

  • Namfon Indee from Laos.


She is a rising singer from Laos.

  • The band- “Band Once Again” from Brunei.

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Furthermore this is a music band from Brunei. They have 6 members in their band. They are Faizul, Izzat, Syafiq, Fadhil/Padil, Khai and Adi. Their genre is Indonesian rock and pop.

  • Asia 7 from Thailand.


This is a band from Thailand that mixes Jazz with traditional Thai music.


  • The Ransom Collective from Philippines.


This is a Filipino indie folk band. The have 6 members in their band. They are Kian Ransom, Jermaine Choa Peck, Lily Gonzales, Muriel Gonzales, Leah Halili and Redd Claudio.

  • Shankar Ehsaan Loy from India.


Finally, they are the the most popular music composers in Bollywood. Although they perform together as 3 members but they also have their individual professions. The members are Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonza.


Hence the ASEAN India Music Festival ended quite successfully yesterday. We are able to experience diverse music from different genres.



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