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                                           Ten most Loyal Dog Breeds

Loyal Dog Breeds– Dogs are the best gifts to human from God, they are loyal companions, cheerful playmates, and watchful guardians, though all the breeds of dogs are loyal and lovable, there are some which stand out in the matter of loyalty to their masters, so here we are presenting 10 most loyal breed of dogs:

Loyal Dog Breeds

#1 Rough Collie:

    The rough collie is a herding breed that originated in Scotland; these dogs possess characters such as intelligence, activeness and are good with children and other animals, this breed has a story of being incredibly loyal to their owners thus they make the best of the pets.

Special mention: The fictional character ‘lassie’ is a Rough collie.

Loyal Dog Breeds


#2 German shepherd:

  Well, this list is incomplete without the mention of German shepherd; they are the most employable dogs all around the world commonly being used by police and the military due to their willingness to learn and trainability.

 They are a working dog breed that’s why are naturally loyal and easily bond with their owners.

Loyal Dog Breeds

#3 Rottweiler:

  The most misinterpreted dogs on this list due to their fierce representation in movies, these dogs, in fact, are just the opposite as they are very loyal and sweet to their owners and a little reserved when it comes to strangers.

Loyal Dog Breeds

#4 Golden retriever:

Loyal Dog Breeds

Loyal Dog Breeds


 These dogs were first bred in Scotland and were used for retrieving game during hunting, they have a happy go lucky personality and seems like they are always smiling.

 Some of the noteworthy characters of golden retrievers are their patient, fun-loving nature also they are eager to please and are highly trainable. These dogs make great family pets due to their loyal nature and their love for being around people.

#5 Great Pyrenees:

Loyal Dog Breeds

Loyal Dog Breeds

 This is a large breed of dogs which are basically used as a livestock guardian, they are frequently described as ‘Majestic’ and always carry a calm demeanor.

  They are very affectionate and loyal in nature and are considered very strong-willed in nature.

#6 Beagle

Loyal Dog Breeds

Loyal Dog Breeds

 Beagle is a hunting breed and is often used for security purposes due to their incredible sense of smell, they are pack animals and that’s why to get attached to their owners very easily.

Beagles are known to be very kind and gentle in nature and also very loyal
(Duh!) to their masters.

Special mention: Search for beagle dials 911 and saves his master!!

#7 Labrador retriever:

Loyal Dog Breeds


 These are the most popular breeds in the world known for their happy demeanor, intelligence, and loyalty; they are very good with children.

‘Lab’ as they are fondly called has roots in North America where they were bred for their superior game hunting skills and to provide companionship that has made them very good for domestication.


#8 Boxer:

Loyal Dog Breeds

 These were developed in Germany as a hunting do as they possess very strong and powerful jaws which make them good for hunting; they are very energetic and fun loving in nature and don’t require much of maintenance.

 They are extremely loyal and harmless around family members but this is not the case with strangers the fact that makes them a good guardian dog.

#9 St. Bernard:

Loyal Dog Breeds

 Originally bred as a rescue dog in the Alps, this breed’s huge size and resistance to cold makes them perfect to save people who are trapped in avalanches as they provide warmth to them until help arrives, this aspect of their personality can be seen in the case when they are pets as they tend to look out for their family and are very watchful in nature.

#10 Bulldog:

Loyal Dog Breeds

   Bulldogs were basically used as bull baiting in England hence the name, they have a reputation of being stubborn but that’s not entirely true. They are known for their stamina, strength, and loyalty and form strong bonds with children being gentle and playful at the same time.



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