Sunny Leone’s new condom ad on the navratri theme is facing troubles in Gujarat


Sunny Leone- Actress and a brand ambassador for Manforce condoms:


Sunny Leone is a former porn star and is currently an actress in Bollywood. She is also the brand ambassador for a Manforce Condom.


The new Manforce condom ad with a Navratri theme:


With the festival of Navratri round the corner, people are indeed busy with preparations. Apart from the navratri food items, we can witness a new change. India’s biggest condom brand, Manforce has roped in Sunny Leone for a new Navratri themed condom ad. The ad features Sunny Leone promoting safe sex during Navratri.

The conflict regarding the condom ad:

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Manforce condoms hoarding was in display in Gujarat featuring Sunny Leone. The ad asks people to ‘play but with love’ through safe sex. This hoarding is being displayed across the whole state which has triggered conflicts among traditional groups. The groups held protests at one of the ad’s locations.

According to several traditional groups, the ad is inappropriate and is hurting the religious sentiments for using Navratri as a theme for a condom ad. Many people in Gujarat saw   disappointed because of using Navratri as a pawn for promoting the condom brand’s name.

Navratri is an important festival for every Gujaratis. Seeing a condom ad with a navratri theme is making people furious. They feel that their culture is insulted with such kind of marketing practice. The gujaratis are traditional and religious towards their culture.

Mixed responses by people in Twitter:


Some people are angry with the ad and some have opposite reactions. People took to Twitter to respond about the controversy. Many people support the ad because they felt that promoting safe sex is a novel method.


It is also interesting to note the fact that according to a survey by sexual wellness product website, the sale of condoms rose during Navratri.

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