6 Amazing Sugar-free Desserts that would satisfy your sweet tooth

6 Amazing Sugar-free Desserts that would satisfy your sweet tooth

Whether you’re diabetic or not, we all know one thing for sure that sugar is bad for our health. Whenever we get a chance, we should avoid sugary products and consume it only when needed. It’s less likely to have sugar-free desserts that are yum enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. But stop contemplating such painful scenarios, because we’ve got a list of 6 deserts which doesn’t require any sugar:

Raw Brownie Bites

Without any flour or sugar, this dessert is totally healthy with few dates and honey added to it. This brownie can be easily prepared and is an easy-to-go option for afternoon or evening snack, or even at night when you’re craving chocolate.

IMG_7505-870x580 Raw brownie bites lives

Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal

Looking for a healthy option for breakfast? Then this dish is the perfect option with sugar as completely an optional ingredient. The banana gives you all the minimal sweetness you need whereas the chilled slice makes for a delicious breakfast option.

Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal Recipe Banana bread baked oatmeal- southern in-law

Potato Apple Muffins

The ingredients of these amazing sugar-free desserts are super healthy with no added sugar, milk or even egg. Apple with potatoes contains maximum nutrients and makes for a mouth-watering flavour, something which you need to try soon!

Sweet-Potato-Apple-Pie-Muffins-by-Heather-McClees-at-The-Soulful-Spoon-vegan-plantbased-oilfree-lowfat-noaddedsugar Sweet potato apple pie muffins- soulful spoons

Black Bean Chocolate Cake

Ever thought about black bean is an ingredient for a chocolate cake? Sounds weird right?  But breaking all the notions this black bean chocolate sugar-free cake tastes just like a normal chocolate cake. If you’re a fan of chocolate but not a big fan of sugar, you ought not to miss this dessert.

cake 2

Black bean chocolate cake 

Sesame Cookies

Love dates and tahini? Then these sugar-free desserts are all you need in life. Just a quick bite of this nutty cookies will give you oomphs of nutrients filled with minimal sweetness.  For more fun, dip these cookies in milk and have it for your breakfast.

IMG_1130_thumb Sesame cookies- The full helping




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