This South Delhi Kitchen Is Hosting Pyjama Movie Nights Every Friday

This South Delhi Kitchen Is Hosting Pyjama MovieNights Every Friday


Ever want to lie in bed on a rainy day and watch movies with friends with delicious food at a reasonable price? Then your dream is coming true in this café. If you are not the party freak and want to chill with your loved ones before the weekend starts, then this South Delhi Kitchen place is made for you.

Located in ShahpurJat, This Community Café allows you and your friends to curl up in a bed, watch movies in cute pyjamas and laze around the mattress with drinks and popcorn- all just for Rs 100!

Time to redefine your Friday Nights by spending it in this beautiful café. We can see cute butterfly-shaped stands on tables, and those comfortable bean bags smiling at you as you enter.


If you’re a foodie, get ready to satisfy your cravings as the menu’s dish includes North Indian food including Maggi, Momos, Kebabs, Butter Chicken and even desserts for your sweet tooth like Gulab Jamun and cheesecake.


The South Delhi Kitchen has started a new era which is changing the way people connect. The Community Dinner introduced by this café is a new concept here, but quite famous in the West. Community Dinner basically means you can share your bill, dining table and food with other guests.  Feel lonely and this the place for people who want to spent time alone. The must-try food items here are the sandwiches and coffee. This café also offers a coffee card which has discounts on coffees and sandwiches. The card is valid for a whole year.


You can find out which movies are to be screened every Friday through Zomato or their Facebook Page. This place also delivers food quickly without charging much of your jammies.

If you don’t like movies, board games are also available there. A bookshelf stacked with books is something that can be done.




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