Smoking effect leads to reduction in men’s sperm count.

Harmful effects of smoking: 

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Smoking has a long list of harmful effects and creating complications in men’s fertility might be another of its evil effects. Smoke can actually create issues and cause erectile dysfunction. Many studies conclude that smoking can reduce sperm count, and sperm morphology.

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Smoking reduces sperm count:

Women exposed to both the active and the passive way of smoking will face difficulties during pregnancy.

Those planning for a baby should make sure to quit smoking. It is important for potential mums and dads to stay healthy and fertile if they want a healthy child. Smoking hampers their fertility and decreases the chance of having a baby. Smoking damages sperms making them less likely to fertilize eggs — and making the embryos they do manage to create less likely to survive.

Smoking harms

veins and can influence them to thicken and develop smaller. Smoking harms veins and can influence them to thicken and develop smaller. This influences your heart to thump speedier and your circulatory strain go up. Side effect of smoke leads to lot of problem in testis.


However, doctors aren’t sure about the direct effect smoking may have on sperm count. But if you insist your partner to quit smoke, it will be evident in six weeks, how much of affect he is having. There are tons of health risks when it comes to cigarettes- lungs, liver, and infertility. Deciding to quit together is a step ahead to be smart and take the right decision. Increase your chances of being healthy by saying no to smoke.


Cigarette smoke causes 84% deaths due to lung cancer and it plays a major role in causing hindrances in our fertility. The smartest option is to stop smoking for once if you ever want to have a healthy child or healthy yourself.




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