Size zero models banned from ramp walking in the top fashion shows

Fashion shows- promoting size zero models:


Fashion shows are the public platforms for showcasing unique outfits. These outfits are created by top fashion designers from the largest clothing brands. The outfits needs the right attention to get noticed. It is the size-zero models who helps in the outfit’s attention.

The models:

Size zero models are enrolled from different modeling agencies across the world. They are groomed for  right posture, slender figure, the straight blunt expressions and the ramp walking. The models are trained in a way, not to eat anything basically. Models are literally starved in the initial stages to get that size- zero figure. Diet was basically drinking the fresh fruit juices without sugar and chewing on fresh salads.

Every shows’ motto is to promote the outfits and not the size zero models. So, instructing the models to keep a straight face will help the outfits to shine more than the one wearing it.

A new change in fashion shows: Ban of size-zero models:

There has been concerns from different agencies regarding the models’ health. A new law was stipulated for the upcoming fashion shows.

When the Newyork fashion week started, major changes are made in place for every fashion events. Kering and LVMH (who are the parent companies of Gucci, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and YSL) have created a new charter that bans the hiring of excessively thin models.


In 2015, France banned ultra-thin models by law stipulating that models needed a doctor’s note attesting to their health in regards to their age, weight and body shape. Although the law did not include a minimum body mass index requirement.

Imposition of the new charter:

The new contract delivered by the charter form organizations take the 2015 enactment further, submitting their brands to forbidding models who are skinnier than estimate 34 for ladies and 44 for men.Also, the sanction precludes the enlisting of young ladies less than 16 years old to stance and work as grown-up models.

Source- US Magazine

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