Simple and fun filled outing activity

Simple and short time outing activity

The picnic is a simple and fun filled outing activity that can be planned when you don’t have a long vacation to go out of town. It’s a simple way of taking off from the hectic daily routines. When you have good climatic conditions, the first thing to plan with family and friends is a Picnic.

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Here are some tips to make your picnic a great success:

  1. Decide on a place that’s near and easy to travel.
  1. Carry the accessories according to the climate and the place of visit. If it’s a sunny day you need to carry an umbrella or a small tent. Depending on the place, carry mats for sandy landscapes and foldable chairs for wet lands.
  1. Carry water, juices and other food items that do not get spoiled depending on the weather. One pot meals, sandwiches, crackers, cookies and fruits carried in use and throw bio degradable packages will make your travel and stay easy.

outing activity

  1. Entertaining every person in the picnic makes it a successful one. So, carry their favorite games say a volley ball or a disk throw or a tennikoit. Carry some good books and have the pleasure of reading in outdoors to the fullest.

outing activity

  1. Pack the essentials say a pair of extra wear for kids, cutting tools, first aid box, napkins etc., and finally the list of all that you packed so that you do not end up forgetting something at the picnic spot while you return home.

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