Should straight men shave their armpits or not?

Is shaving necessary for straight men- A debate:


Is it completely normal for straight men to shave their armpits? Maintaining hygiene never goes out of style. A very common myth when it comes to men’s hygiene is that it should be an easy part of their life. Unlike women, though men’s personal hygiene is not a rocket science still it requires basic care and certain dos and doesn’t.  

Shaving- A personal choice or a must need:

Shaving or not shaving is a personal choice, to be honest. We all know for a fact that men in India are sceptical about removing body hair. There are many reasons for that and some of them include- shyness or just mentality. But in order to stay fresh, it is advisable for men to remove their armpits and body hair too, because women too like it that way.

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To avoid bad odour, it is advisable for straightto men as well as gay to trim their armpits often. We are not suggesting to shave it completely unless you are a male model, but trimming it wisely won’t give rise to thick hairs in your armpits.

Recently, a survey was conducted by Men’s Health which revealed that 68 percent trim their armpit hair, 52 percent do it for aesthetics and 16 percent said they do it for athletic reasons.  While some may not consider it is completely manly to shave your armpit hair, but face the reality about huge chunks of hair emerging from your underarms, won’t you reconsider your thought?

We also know that our underarms produce a lot of apocrine glands, which produce sweat. This perspiration is made up of steroids, lipids, proteins, and other chemicals that can communicate “information.”

From a woman’s perspective:


From a woman’s point of you, they always prefer guys with sweet scent rather than those who stink. The good scent makes a man 10x attractive as we all know. Shaving your armpit completely might be a bad idea if you don’t want thick hair growth under your underarms. But you can always prefer the easy option of trimming it in every few weeks. Not only it would avoid the bad odour that loses your confidence but also it would make things easier for you.

Source- Mensxp


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