Selena Gomez is finding ways to cope with Lupus- a chronic disease.

Selena Gomez’s battle with Lupus- a chronic disease:


Selena Gomez is the most popular American singer. First of all, she is battling with a disease named Lupus. It is a rare disease that people are not aware of. Therefore she is taking a cause to make people aware about the disease.

Selena Gomez

Lupus- the chronic disease. 

Selena Gomez

This is an illness which attacks the body’s immune system. It affects healthy tissues and organs such as skin, joints, kidney and brain. In addition, Lupus has affected around 1.5 million people in US.

In this disease, the immune system turns against many parts of the body designed to protect us. Also, the tissues get damaged.

Symptoms of lupus:

Most common symptoms of lupus include extreme fatigue, swollen joints, skin rashes, and unexpected fever and kidney problems. People also experience a ‘butterfly rash’ which usually forms around cheeks and nose. The only way to get sure is to get tested for this illness.  At present, there has been no such cure for Lupus except few drugs prescribed by your respective doctors. Chemotherapy is also a treatment course even though lupus and cancer are not the similar diagnoses.


Lupus impacts your kidney the most and same happened with Gomez. Her best friend Francia Raisa gave her kidney to Selena as it was attacking the immune system. Gomez has been reported absent from public venues due to this disease and kidney transplant. Her efforts to create about this disease, which is not well-known among people is well appreciated. We hope people understand the seriousness of this disease and be aware as the precaution has been always better than cure.



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