Scariest crimes in the world that are still a mystery

Unsolved crimes in the world:

Criminal activities happens everyday. In addition, the movies makes it scary. Because they show brutal crimes. Yet there are real life crimes that are still unsolved.

Murder cases that are still a mystery:

The case of Jack the Ripper.


First of all, in the year 1888, there were series of murders. The victims were all prostitutes. Their throats were slashed and their bodies dismembered. Also the murder pattern was similar. This was a serial killer’s work. Police found some notes near the bodies. Jack the Ripper was the killer’s name. While they suspected many people but was unsuccessful. Therefore he is a mystery even today.

The murders in Juarez, Mexico.


Juarez is a small town in Mexico. Several murders happened in this town. Women were raped and murdered. The real worry is that no one is arrested for the crimes. Due to corruption, the crimes are still unsolved.

The Zodiac Killer case


“Zodiac” is the name of the serial killer. He started killing people from December 20, 1968 till the recent years. First of all, he murdered a couple inside a car in San Francisco, US. He changed his murder methods every year. He was not afraid; rather he loved playing games. He sent notes and coded letters to the police.


The case of Black Dahlia.


This is a case of a murder of an actress. Her name was Elizabeth Short. Her murder happened in Los Angeles on January,15 1947. The killer cut her body into half. Also her mouth was carved to look like a smile. After killing her, the killer named her, “Black Dahlia”. This murder is unsolved even today.

The case of a boy inside a box


Finally, this is the murder of a small boy. He was around the age of 4-6 year. The murder happened on Feb 25, 1957 in Philadelphia, US. Furthermore the boy was naked. He was found inside a cardboard box. The boy’s body was full of severe injuries. While police made several inquiries but no one knew the boy. They never found the killer.


Hence these are crimes that are real and not in movies. Much as we like to believe that these are not real but they are. Creepy isn’t it?



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