Relationship Status-signs that tells you if the person you love is your ‘LOBSTER’.

Relationship Status-signs that tells you if the person you

love is your ‘LOBSTER’.

Relationship Status-Remember, Ross, and Rachel from friends? Yeah, you must have known. They were referred to as lobster pair on the show with the explanation that no matter what, they couldn’t get over each other and in the end, they ended up together.

Still waiting for yours to come? Well, maybe you have found your lobster but haven’t realized. If you have found your soulmate, these are the signs you need to look for.

Signs You’ve Already Met Your Lobster

Start thinking about your current relationship as you read over the signs. If you find it relatable to your companion’s behavior, be sure that’s your lobster.

Both of you can sit comfortably in silence.

Relationship Status

Do not feel the need to fill those awkward silences because there aren’t any. You comfortable in each other’s company and that is all that matters.

You don’t have to please your partner all the time.

Relationship Status

You’re who you are and that includes your weaknesses too. Your lobster makes you feel comfortable enough to open up and share even the truths you have always tried to hide from everyone else. You are unique in your own skin and your partner loves you with your flaws.

You can laugh at each other, at your jokes, and at the silly things you do.

Relationship Status

Your lobster can makes you laugh even when you’re feeling down. You are not embarrassed to act stupid around each other knowing the fact you won’t be judged.

When you argue or have a difference of opinion, you can let it go.

Relationship Status

You know which things are important and which aren’t worth the pain. Your lobster will never put their ego before your love to fight over silly things. Even if you had one someday, they will do their part to make it to you and you should too.

Your lobster is all ears.

Relationship Status

She listens to you carefully whenever you have stuff to share even about the tiniest details of your day or anything related.

You smile more often because of your lobster.

Relationship Status

Having a bad day? Suddenly doesn’t seem so bad when you see your partner, right? When something happens to you, good or bad, she’s the first person you want to tell.

Your lobster cares for your feelings.

Relationship Status

Your partner doesn’t just ask to make small talk, they do so because they care. He actually cares about your day, about your opinion on different topics, and about your general feelings and thoughts. And you like to share your feelings and ask for theirs.

Met your friends and was nice to them.

 girlfriends meeting your friends

Relationship Status

All of them. Even the ones who interrupt every 3 words and chew with their mouth open. Your lobster takes the effort to like all the people around you tries, just for you.

Your lobster helps you be a better version of yourself.

Relationship Status

Relationship Status

Your lobster pushes you to the limit without trying to add stress to your day. They encourage you and boost your confidence because they’re your Cheerleader.

You think of your lobster every second.

 you think about your partner all the time

Relationship Status

There’s no such moment when you don’t think about them. You are always occupied with the thoughts if they are doing well and wanna stick around them as much as they do.

If you can relate to these instances in your love life, well congratulations! You’ve found your lobster and your soulmate. You’re lucky enough to experience these feeling. Just to remind you, Never lose your lobster because you are meant to be together.


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