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Rare Animals You Didn’t Know Existed in India

Of course, tigers and lions always grab our attention but there is more to India’s wildlife which will blow your minds off. Yes, we are talking about some exotic animals that are not well-known but interesting. Want to know more, take a look at these rare animals of India which you might have missed in these awesome destinations.


Native Planet-rare animals found in India

Brown Palm Civet – Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

You might not easily find these guys though there are many! Yes, Brown Palm Civets are mainly the inhabitants of rainforests and they do not prefer being spotted. However, you can come across them in the several parts of the Western Ghats of India. Brown Palm Civets live on fruits and large trees are their homes. They are light brown in colour and the only distinct feature is the yellow-patch at the tip of the tail!

mg-1528-brown-palm-civet-paradoxurus-jerdoni-neelakandan-madavana-aka-anil-17-1479359135 Native planet-rare animals found in India

Pignose Frog – Palghat Gap

Yeah, it is difficult to identify them in the first glance! Pignose frog or the Indian purple frog was discovered some years ago. They appear bloated and mainly live underground. Studies say that they come out only in the mating period during monsoons. Initially, researchers thought that they were only found in Palghat Gap region but later discovered that purple frogs are spread across the Western Ghats.

Native planet- rare animals found in India

Nilgiri Marten –

Nilgiris Deep brown colour with a yellow or light orange throat are the distinguishing features of Niligiri Martens. They are solitary animals and are not found in groups. As the name suggests Nilgiri Martens are mainly found in the hills of Nilgiris and other places like Kodagu and Charmadi Ghats. It is definitely one of the exotic animals of India.

nilgirimarten1-17-1479359156 Native planet- rare animals found in India

Indian Flying Squirrel – Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary.

We all are familiar with the common squirrels that pounce around the trees! This one here is a flying squirrel. Though it is not native to India, Indian Giant Flying Squirrels are one of the rare animals of India. Their diet is mainly fruits but they also feed on insects. Tree hollows and branches are the homes of these animals. Indian Flying Squirrels are also called as large Brown Flying Squirrels. Indian Giant Flying Squirrels are the inmates of evergreen forests. However, you can find them in Ratan Mahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary in Dahod of Gujarat.


Native planet- rare animals found in India

Golden Langur – Assam. They have golden hair with a black face and brown eyes! Golden Langurs are one of the endangered species of monkeys in India. It is also called as Gee’s Golden Langur as a researcher named E.P.Gee put a lot of effort in studying and finding the population of Golden Langur. Gee’s Golden Langurs are mainly found in Assam and some parts of Bhutan. Some population is found in Tripura as well.
langur2-17-1479359362 Native planet- rare animals found in India

Greater Indian Fruit Bat – Kolkata Zoo

The Greater Indian Fruit Bats live in the tropical forests, swamps, coastal regions and mangroves of India. They are fugivourous (animals that only feed on fruits) and nectivores (feed on nectar of flowers). Greater Indian Fruit Bats are also called as Indian Flying Fox which are found in many other countries apart from India. You can easily find them in good numbers at Kolkata Zoo in India.


Native planet – rare animals found in India

Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeons are much colourful than the other pigeons you see everywhere. They belong to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and other regions of the world. Grey head with colourful body characterises the Nicobar Pigeons. These are definitely some of the unique birds found in India. These animals have a special role to play in the ecological balance. They might not be as famous as tigers or elephants but these creatures are also some of the exotic species found in the wildlife destinations of India.

nicobarpigeon2-17-1479359149 Native planet- rare animals found in India



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