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5 Positive Benefits of spending more time outside than indoors

5 Positive Benefits of spending time outside than indoors

Eliminate Anxiety and Stress

There are many things one can do to reduce stress and anxiety in their own ways, but going outside and letting your hair down in the fresh hair is something guaranteed to reduce your stress and anxiety. According to National Academy Of Science, people who spend more time outside than indoor and walk in natural environments show lesser sign of depression than those who don’t. Next time you feel down, make sure to stroll through woods or beach or even a walk in the park! This is one the many positive benefits of spending time outside.



Improves Physical Health and Promote Fitness

We all struggle through our whole lives wanting to be fit and improve our physical health by exercising, changing diet or even taking medicines. However, before taking this steps, one of the best way to accelerate our health is by spending some time outside and soaking in the sunshine. The sun rays allow our body to intake Vitamin D which is as crucial as any other vitamins. It has also been researched that the exposure sun gives us is said to have been helpful in reducing blood pressure.



Boosts Creativity and Focus

When all goes wrong, all we want in life is to keep our head high and stay focused. Staying focused is no small deal and a lot goes behind it to lead improvement in focus. Not only going outside improves our focus in different levels but also it upgrades our mind by inspiring us to intake stimulating things and increasing our creativity.

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Mother Nature can Rejuvenate You

The beautiful Mother Nature helps us in thousand ways by bringing peace in our life and also by revitalizing us. Spending time outdoors for as little as 20 minutes per day makes people feel more alive. Isn’t this a great thing to feel after a tiring day? Being in presence of nature makes you more conscious of the life of each and every human being. 

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Improve Workouts

Ever get tired of your daily mundane same workout routine? Worry not, we’ve got good news for you- exercising outdoor results more benefits than compared to indoor. It boosts your mood and lead to greater physical needs. Cycling, jogging or even walking accelerates more physical activity which results to be more challenging.

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