Love knows no boundaries-The Man who Cycled from India to Europe for love

The man who cycled from India to Europe for love- Love knows no boundaries


Love is blind and we all have different ways of proving it. But let’s be honest- how far can you go for love? This story of a man from a poor family fall in love with a 20-year-old tourist and what followed was a roller coaster ride from India to Europe, all on a bicycle.  

PK Mahanandia- The man who cycled from India to Europe for love

Mr. Mahanandia met Ms. Von Schedvin at Delhi’s Connaught Place district where she came as a tourist in 1975. He introduced himself as an artist, and we are sure Ms. Von was impressed at the first sight. However, she was not fascinated by his sketch and came to visit him which sparkled and started this magical love story.

As things moved ahead, both of them got to know each other more personally. After several conversations, she agreed to visit Orissa with him and it was the first time she ever wore a sari and made a place in Mahanandia’s heart forever. Sweet things come to an end, and Ms. Von had to leave for Sweden. The two of them were in contact virtually until Mahanandia took a bicycle ride to Europe to prove his love was no joke.

PK Mahanandia- The man who cycled from India to Europe for love

This man rode around 70 km per day from 22 January 1977. He traveled and experienced diverse culture and countries like Afghanistan, Istanbul, and Vienna. His legs would hurt, but his love kept him determined to meet Ms. Von.

However, after facing various problems and situations the two finally got hitched in Sweden. The 64-year-old now lives in Sweden with the love of his life and blessed with two children.

As it is said, all is fair in love and war- so was the situation of PK Mahanandia. Despite facing so many financial and family problems, he was determined to be with Ms. Von and he did so by bicycling alone, more than 400 miles from India to Europe.


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