The character of Pennywise from the movie, “It” is surely a scary one.

Scary facts to know about Pennywise from the movie, It.


Pennywise is a character from the horror novel, “It”. It is a dancing clown that haunts children. The author, Stephen King came up with the idea of a clown as a horror character. Because he knew that children fear mostly the clowns. The novel first released in 1986. Finally, in 2017, the novel was made into a movie. The movie, with the same name as the novel is directed by Andy Muschietti. It released on 5th September 2017.

Pennywise- the clown.


First of all, Pennywise is a creature that preys on young children. It is an evil entity that can take the shape of any form. According to the novel, the creature comes to Earth and then sleeps for 27- 30 years at a time. But once it wakes up, it creates the worst fear among children. It can take many forms like werewolves, bats, leeches, sharks and so on. However its favourite disguise is the clown. In addition, the scary part is, it can also take the shape of someone’s most loved object or person, to trap the victim. It is the most pitiless, deadliest and diabolic character. It first builds up the fear, tortures them and then kills and devours them. The creature is narcissistic, viewing itself as the superior being and all the humans as mere toys. Another striking fact is that, the creature can be very charming. Therefore it is a quality to lure people, mainly young kids.


TV and Movie adaptation.



“It” was first made into a TV series in 1990. It was the actor, Tim Curry who played Pennywise’s character. Later, in the movie, Swedish actor, Bill Skarsgard is the main lead. Both the actors have done a phenomenal job in portraying the evil character. The movie has received positive reviews with critics praising the performance of Skarsgard. Also, it is the highest grossing horror movie till date.

Popularity of Pennywise all over the world.

Pennywise is getting a lot of popularity among people. People are even dressing up as the clown. Also with the coming of Halloween, this is going to be the most favourite costume among people.

Indian parody of Pennywise in Bhatinda, Punjab.


In India, a parody was also made from the original movie. In Punjab, a comedic parody is gaining popularity. The parody starts from the first scene of the movie. In the scene, Pennywise murders a young boy, by first taunting him with a boat. And then it grabs the boy’s arm and rips it off. But giving a Punjabi voice, the scene takes on a new life. The voice says, Badi soni boat rakhi hai tu. Then the clown breaks into a dance on the tunes of Daler Mehendi’s song,  “Tunak Tunak”.

Thus this is not just a mere horror film but a real scary one. The character might look childish for those who haven’t watched. But the character Pennywise’s appearance alone would give you the creeps.

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