How to overcome laziness: causes and cures to get over It.

How to overcome laziness: causes and cures to get over It.

overcome laziness

OVERCOME LAZINESS-Have you ever planned your weekend ahead but ended up doing nothing? Have you ever rushed through your essays and submit your work just a few minutes before the deadline? Are you the type of person who studies just 2 days before your finals and constantly giving yourself a heart attack?

Sounds familiar? If Yes, Congratulations! You can call yourself a Procrastinator! But don’t worry, you are not alone! We have all procrastinated at least once (or still doing it) in our lives.

Luckily, procrastination is not something that we can’t fight over, we just need to better understand the root cause and tackle it in the right way! Being Lazy means not much harm, isn’t it? Not really.

Procrastination doesn’t only making you less productive, it can harm your personal reputation too! In order to counter procrastination, it’s better for you to know the reason behind it.

Discovering The Reasons Why You Procrastinate.

Why we procrastinate so easily even we know it’s not the right thing to do at that moment? Sometimes it’s not about the willpower that we need, it’s about tackling something bigger than procrastination. You need to understand what stops you from doing what you need to so that you can find a better solution to beat this anti-productive monster!

1. A Fear of Failure.

One of the most common causes of procrastination is a deep-rooted fear of failure. If you fear the consequences of failing, then a logical explanation of this is a disinclination to take action. It serves as a protection mechanism, shielding you from the possibility of real failure. This is because you are guaranteed not to fail if you don’t attempt something.

overcome laziness

Cure: Understand and accept that failure is not fatal. Most mistakes can be fixed, and you will get a second chance to right any wrongs. Obviously, don’t go into a task with a mindset of failure … but realize that mistakes do happen.

Furthermore, train yourself to understand that failure to take action and give something a go is actually worse than being unsuccessful in its execution. If you try and fail, you at least have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. If you never tried in the first place, then you’ve got nothing to show at all.

2. Perfectionism – A Myth.

Another common cause of procrastination is excessive perfectionism. If you are a self-confessed perfectionist, then you might find it difficult to take action unless you know you can do a job with which you will be totally satisfied. This becomes a problem when you have to try something new, or different than what you are used to. Basically, you know that you won’t be able to do as well as you want … so it’s easier to do nothing at all.

overcome laziness

In many ways, this is similar to the “fear of failure” concept outlined above; except that instead of believing you cannot succeed at all, you worry that you cannot meet your own high standards.

Cure: Aim to do your best, and be happy with the output. Accept that there is no such thing as perfect (especially if someone else will be critiquing your work – their idea of perfection will differ from yours).

3. Low Energy Levels.

Another frequent reason for procrastination is experiencing low energy levels. If you are lacking energy, then it stands a reason that you will not feel like doing much at all.

This is a common cause for those of us with relatively unhealthy lifestyles. Whether you get insufficient sleep or your diet causes you to feel sluggish and tired, lifestyle factors can play a huge factor in how inclined you are to get up off the couch and take action.

overcome laziness

Cure: Work on developing a healthier lifestyle. Experiment with sleep, diet, and exercise to find a balance that works for you. There is a useful information available about making positive lifestyle choices – in one of our recent blog ‘21 Morning Regime That Can Make You Motivated and Productive for a Whole Day.’

4. Lack of Focus.

A lack of focus in life is another frequent cause of procrastination. Although some people like to claim that “the person who does not know where they are going always travels further”, this idiom does not mesh well with those of us who are predisposed to procrastination.

You probably have a lack of focus if you frequently feel directionless, or that you do not really have a purpose in life. This prevents you from aiming towards a destination with

overcome laziness

overcome laziness

accuracy. Instead, you will wind up expending all your energy in the here and now, with nothing to guide you towards productivity.

Cure: Set yourself some inspirational-yet-attainable goals. It’s important to set the bar high enough to encourage you to take action, but not so high that you are likely to fail. A good goal encourages you to take action because you do not want to disappoint yourself by failing to achieve what you set out to do.

Few More Tips to Deal with Procrastination?

  • Procrastination is a cycle to break the loop!
overcome laziness

overcome laziness

You might find yourself repeating during the loop of procrastination. Not willing to do the work -> Find excuses to justify -> just stop doing anything -> panic attack about upcoming deadlines -> rush through your work and so-on. By understanding this pattern, it’s easier for you to find ways and know when exactly you need to break the cycle.

  • Small habits that keep procrastination away!
overcome laziness

overcome laziness

Tackling procrastination is not a ‘1’ time thing. It takes effort and time to take away this bad habit. Don’t rush it and start by practicing habits like setting time slots of breaks can help you get into the zone! Just have a ‘Tailor-made’ Anti- Procrastination Plan exclusively for you.

  • If you have to procrastinate, at least do something that keeps the momentum going!

Do something simple when you really want to take a procrastination break! Things, like checking emails or start writing a list of things you need to do later, can help you relax your mind and at least keep the motivation going!

overcome laziness

overcome laziness

It’s not a problem if you procrastinate, it will be if you don’t take actions to overcome it. Always Remember, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


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