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Our funny Indian train journey experiences as shared by a travel goer.

Indian train journey- a funny experience always

Indian train journeys are always a memorable experience whether you are travelling with your family, friends or even alone. It always feels like as if we are on an adventure. It is also because of the kind of people we meet throughout our journey. These moments are also really funny as you will always have some or other kinds of experiences or lets say, a drama.


Renuka-travel buff (Voyager for Life)

This is an Indian railway experience shared by Renuka who is a travel enthusiast and her blog  Voyager For Life.

You can read and enjoy her unique experiences of travelling in places of interest all around the globe. She tries to capture and relive beautiful moments of the places, she has traveled. Her blogs are indeed captivating and will make us excited to travel.

Renuka- The Indian train journey experiences:

As Renuka has pointed out, Indian rail journeys are indeed memorable, either in a good or in a bad way. We might complain about the dirty toilet conditions, the food which is provided, or when we see cockroaches or rats near our seats but there is something really different about the Indian train journey.

This is a moment, maybe almost every Indians can relate to because flights were very much a recent phenomenon. Not too long ago, many Indians traveled on trains rather than on flights. Besides, the prices also made us not to take the flight journey.

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Another interesting fact

that we can add is that since most of the Indians love to travel with luggage of all shapes and sizes, the trains are always a blessing. We can take as many bags, even buckets, sometimes slippers or shoes that we are unable to pack in time and carry them in a polythene. We do not have to worry about any sort of luggage hassles, that happens in airports.

It is only in an Indian railway, that you can run and jump inside the train as can also be seen  in many Hindi movies.Although the fun moments can only be known if you travel with your families and relatives or with a huge group of friends.

You will likely befriend someone in the train, even exchange numbers but sadly once we reach our specific destinations, we do not generally call anymore. I think this is a fact that we all can relate to.



I do agree that traveling alone in a train is indeed difficult in many ways. We have to worry about leaving our bags with other fellow passengers while using the bathroom. Since the toilets are stinky as well as dirty, we also have to walk gingerly, thinking about not stepping on anything dirty on the floor.

Traveling alone can also be difficult when you have to adjust about the sleeping conditions. If you are a young guy or a girl alone, and traveling with a family having elderly people then it is you, who have to take the upper berth for sleeping. These sort of adjustments, sometimes traveling with your name in the waiting list, negotiating with the TT is only possible in the Indian railways.

However I never and will not do that and will also recommend others not to use these “great” methods but these are moments that you witness only in an Indian train. We can also see people separated from their families trying to search for someone traveling solo, so that they can exchange seats and so on.

These are moments which I bet will be similar to many people who had experiences in the Indian trains.

Renuka’s train journey experiences:

Below are the actual travel experiences shared by Renuka in her blog, “Voyager For Life” which you will love to read. Enjoy





I have been travelling on trains since my childhood, so I am used to them and have a bundle of stories to narrate. Here they are in random order –

I reach the train station and discover that the train is cancelled – It’s the most recent incident, which was horrifying when it happened. But now, it’s a funny memory. I had a reservation in Mahananda Express (I wasn’t aware that it had a bad reputation) and I had to travel from Siliguri to New Delhi. As soon as I reached the station, I could sense a chaos. People had queued up at the ticket counters.

Everybody murmured that the train was cancelled. Although dismayed, I still went up to the TT to find out what had actually happened. He confirmed that the train was cancelled (with no trace of empathy). Further, when I asked him if there was an alternative, his response left me even more dejected. He said, “NJP jao aur dekhlo agar kahin jagah mil jati hai tou” (go to NJP railway station and check if you can find a seat in any train).



A sari-clad woman slips inside a train through the window – Thankfully, I didn’t have to travel by this train. My brother and I were standing on the other side of this insanely jam-packed train, which had people literally crammed like luggage in the coaches.

There was at least a bunch hanging at the door. We thought we had never seen such a crazy sight. But, we had something better in store – in the midst of all the chaos, we saw a man pushing a sari-clad woman inside the train through its window. Can you imagine it?



A man gets his wallet stolen and is reprimanded by his wife – I had never witnessed a pickpocket case before. It was so bad. As the train departed the station, there was a bit of a chaos on the train. Everybody was busy settling down. Suddenly, somebody raised an alarm that his back pocket was cut and his wallet was stolen. The poor guy appeared to be so shocked and dismayed. On top of that, his wife rebuked him (harshly) for his carelessness while all the passengers looked on.

Keeping lots of cash in your back pocket on a busy train in India – he pretty much deserved the rebuke of his wife (though I felt bad for him). We hope he learned the hard lesson the hard way.

Golden Chariot Train


 Almost miss my train – I was supposed to catch a train from Old Delhi Railway Station to Dehradun. I got stuck in a bad traffic. By the time I reached the station, the train had begun to move. I ran after it in vain. I thought I would manage to get on it. But, my brother, who was with me, stopped me from doing so.

After the train had left, a couple of cops advised me to catch it from the next station. So, my brother and I quickly took an auto and reached the next station where the train had stopped for only two minutes. I got on the train and heaved a sigh of relief.

I realized Delhi cops were not all that bad!



A man sleeps under the lower birth – Travel agents make a lot of money when we don’t book tickets in time. I was traveling from delhi to hyderabad. When I boarded the train, I found nine people in my compartment instead of eight. I kept wondering where the ninth man would settle down when it’s time to sleep. Well, I found him making his bed underneath the lower birth.

Anything can happen on a train in India.

Although I don’t enjoy train journeys anymore, I know it adds a value to my life as a traveller. Train journeys in India exude a lot of character. The stories and adventures that happen on the trains are unparalleled. I don’t think you can experience much on a plane or at an airport.

Renuka’s experiences are indeed interesting to read.

You can find her in Facebook at @renukatravelbuff Voyager For Life.

Source- Voyager For Life



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