Lets find out some of the creepy stories behind failures in online dating.

When online dating goes wrong.

Dating before knowing one another is a trend that everyone follows. But people are also following the trend of online dating. It is a hobby that makes some people comfortable. Probably people are skeptical about meeting their partners. So rather than going on random dates, online chatting becomes their ideal option. People had their success. They had met partners of their choice. Some even got married. However, there are cases which had failures. Online dating is pretty cool but it can be really creepy as well.

online dating


Here are certain stories that talks about failure in online dating.

online dating

When the partner turns out to be a psycho.


online dating

This is a story shared by a girl, aged 26. She met a guy on a dating site called Tinder. Supposedly, the guy was an engineering graduate from some good college. After chatting with him for hours, he suddenly proposed her. Later, she started ignoring him. However, he was not an easy guy. He spied upon her and got her address. And then he sent her gifts all the time. She tried her best to ignore him but to no avail. His obsession still continues even today. The girl has decided not to trust any dating sites now.


When the partner uses the other for their own interest.

This story is shared by a guy, aged 28. He met a Bengali girl in a dating site. The girl was from Delhi. He had developed a good bonding and even met her after their office hours. Initially, everything was going smoothly. They would watch movies and share sweet moments together. He then proposed her. But she told him that she was heartbroken after a previous breakup. So she was just using him to get distracted from the breakup. Therefore the guy felt rejected terribly.


Shocked by someone else’s ex.

online dating


This is a story shared by a girl, aged 27. She met a guy on some random site. After chatting with him for many days, she got a shock. The guy was actually her friend’s ex-boyfriend who was just trying to have some fun with her. He made a fake profile.


A threesome try.

online dating

This story is shared by a girl, aged, 27. She met a guy who was handsome according to her. So she started having the crush on him. Before, he was the nice perfect guy that she was crazy about. However, he revealed his true self later. He already had a girlfriend. He actually wanted to try a threesome relation. The girl was taken aback. Although it was the guy’s personal choice the girl had a bad experience after that.


A shocking online dating encounter.

This is a story shared by a girl in her 30s. This happened 15 years before. That was a time when Facebook or Twitter was not popular in India. She met a guy in a Yahoo group chat. Later, they exchanged their email ids. First of all, they both used fake profiles. They were chatting with each other for a month. Once they decided to meet in a restaurant. However, the shocking part was that the guy was actually her uncle. And her uncle was shocked as well.


A crazy experience indeed.

online dating

This story is shared by a guy, aged 36. He met a girl on a dating site. She was a college student and lived in a hostel. They decided to meet after many days of chatting. The girl selected a posh restaurant for their first date. Gradually she started ordering several dishes, enough for 10 people. She did not even ask the guy, his choice. Hence after they were done eating, she packed all the leftovers for her friends. The worst part was the guy had to pay the bill since she was a student.










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