8 Cool Places for Mumbai sightseeing

The city of Mumbai is filled with men and women who dared to make their dreams come true.

Being the city of dreams Mumbai sightseeing places is well known in India. Mumbai is like a Manhattan. There’s a certain pace, a social life and thrill about it. There are many tourist places in the city that never sleeps but sometimes a long weekend with our friends’ demands for a cool place away from the hustle of daily lives.

If you live in Mumbai, we’ve bought a collection of 9 outskirts you may have never heard about-

  1. Dana Pani Beach – Malad


Spend a quite weekend with your family or friends in this peaceful beach which is a hidden gem. This wonderful beach is located at the end of Madh Marve road. Visit this beach to spend a serene weekend.

2. Lesser known Island- Kanhoji Angre

Also known as Khanderi Island, this fort was built by the Portuguese. Kandheri is approx 20kms off the coast of Mumbai, and has a fully functional lighthouse which is quite a remarkable sight.

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3. Arnala Fort

Arnala is a beautiful spot cated about 50-km away from Mumbai city and 20-km away from Borivali. If you’re upto some historical stuff, then visit this place which was built and owned by Portuguese.


  1. Mahakali Caves – Andheri East

This tourist spot has become quite famous over the years and for all good reasons. This cave in Mumbai is one of the oldest rock cut Buddhist monastery in Mumbai. The carvings of Buddha and Buddhist methodology will impress you and make your day.

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Global Vipasna Pagoda – Gorai

This unique place in Mumbai honours Gautama the Buddha and explains his teaching. It is a place of meditation where people come to find solace and peace within themselves.

Mandapeshwar Caves – Borivali

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Mahndapeshwar Caves is an 8th Century rock-cut shrine situated in Mt. Poinsur. This cave is a legacy of a past as it has gone through World War and many other wars that took place in 18th century.

1500 year old Cave- Jogeshwari Caves

Visit this place to rekindle some of the earliest Hindus and Buddhist cave sculptures. Situated near Jogeshwari suburb of Mumbai, this place is a shrine to Lord Shiva, Hanuman and Ganesha.

Banganga- India’s Ancient Water Tank


In the mood for a little piece of history and culture ensconced by a string of high-rise luxury apartments then visit this beautiful place. A good place to visit with your friends. Enjoy the calming beauty of Banganga best during the early morning hours when the sun is about to rise.

Now you know, where to visit when you have a long weekend ahead and want to have fun. These hidden gems will make you love mumbai more



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