The untold passionate love story of Ruttie Jinnah, with Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The untold story of Ruttie Jinnah- the young wife of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer, politician and the founder of Pakistan. Apart from his political life, his marital life was quite a bliss. His relationship with Ruttie Jinnah was the most romantic story of all times. First of all, Ruttie Jinnah was the youngest wife. She was only 18 when he married him. But her later life was quite a tragic one. She remains a mystery even today.


Ruttie Jinnah- Her life and marriage with Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Ruttie or Ratanbai Petit was the daughter of Dinshaw Petit. They were Parsis and followed Zoroastrianism as their religion. Her family was the wealthiest in Bombay. Ruttie was famous in Bombay’s elite circles because of her beauty. Also, she was very open-minded. Moreover, she became famous for her dressing style which was quite bold for women at that phase. She was a free-spirited girl and the world was at her feet. On the other hand, Mr. Jinnah was also popular in Bombay. He was a successful personality among Bombay’s elite circles.

Therefore he first met Ruttie in one such elite social event in Darjeeling. It was love at first sight for him. He fell for her beauty and she also fell for his personality. He wanted to marry her. As a result, during dinner, he asked her father for his take on inter-communal marriage. Although he was okay with such marriages once Jinnah asked his daughter, he bluntly refused. At that time, Ruttie was only 16 and Jinnah was 40.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah



Ruttie went against her family to marry Jinnah.

Ruttie was also head over heels in love with Jinnah. Although her family tried their best to forget about him but she was adamant. She was determined to marry Jinnah. Since she was only 16, so her marriage with Jinnah would not be legal. Therefore after waiting for 2 years, she changed her religion to Islam. And then she married him. None of her family attended the marriage.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Her marriage had several eminent personalities. Among them, Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, sister of Jawaharlal Nehru was prominent. She had mentioned Ruttie as her friend. In one of her biographies, she described Ruttie as a very spoilt and beautiful girl. She always had her way and even this marriage was her choice. Since she was from a conservative Parsi family, her marriage was an insult to her community. But she was not concerned and said “wake it up” as she always says.

Her married life.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah

After her marriage, she never heard from her family ever again. Initially, her marriage was a bliss. Both she and Jinnah enjoyed their passion and romance. He was also quite the romantic one. Moreover, he also allowed her to be an influence for him. As a politician, Jinnah often used his wife’s intellect. He was also possessive about her.

The birth of their daughter and the failure in their marriage.

After few years, Ruttie gave birth to their daughter, Dina. However, after her birth, her marriage started failing. Instead of getting closer, both were facing isolation. Jinnah had his own struggles in politics. Therefore he could not spend time with his wife and daughter. Ruttie was starving for love and romance but he did not have time. They both tried their best to be together. However, they could not save their marriage. Later, they got separated.

Finally, because of depression, Ruttie suffered a lot. Her health deteriorated because of cancer. She went to France for her treatment. She knew that she would not survive so she sent her last parting letter to Jinnah. This letter showed the amount of love and affection, she had for Jinnah.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah


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