What are those little studs on jeans actually for? There is a purpose!

Those little studs on your jeans actually have a purpose!

Blue Jeans and types of denim are always a great idea and nothing can go wrong with them. But have you ever wondered the history behind your go-to wardrobe essential?


From cowboys to crooners like Bing Crosby, everyone has embraced jeans back in the 19th and 20th century and today’s celebrity is no different. While we agree the prospective designs and types of jeans have evolved and change over time, the basic use of it still is seen as the same.

Ever noticed those little silver or copper studs on our denim pants? We know, you have noticed it someday or the other. But did you know the exact purpose these tiny things have?

Rivets are known as the round metal attachment which is placed on jeans to reinforce an area of high tension in that particular area.

What are those little studs on jeans actually for? There is a purpose!

Originally, rivets were used to hold jeans together at places they were most likely to come apart, for example, like at the pockets. The shape of the studs have advanced over year and time but the practical design and main purpose have been the same. Another essential feature of jeans is ‘Bar Tacks’ which are necessary anchor placed at the bottom and top of the belt loop. Zippers are yet another attributed attached to jeans that have evolved over time.

Jacob Davis, a Nevada- based tailor started the era by inventing the technology of rivets in 1873 with Levi Strauss whose goal was to make denim more comfortable and last longer. Jeans type such as a boyfriend, culottes, stretch styles and hybrid have made way for more evolutions.



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