Lets celebrate the World Vegetarian Day to grace every vegetarians in this world

World Vegetarian Day- a celebration for every vegetarians.


Every day is a day of celebration. We are familiar with the usual popular holidays. But there are certain holidays which are unique. First of all, we are surrounded by issues every day. Although we know about these issues yet we don’t pay attention. So as a mark of respect, these issues are celebrated. Therefore they are many unique days, that we need to find out. For example, we have days for coffee, music, thank you and so on. Today we will celebrate a day for the vegetarians. It is the world vegetarian day.



Origin of this day.

The World Vegetarian Day is a crucial day for every vegetarian on this planet. It is celebrated annually on 1st of October every year. The North American Vegetarian Society has organized this day on 1977. The purpose of this day is to ensure a healthy lifestyle by adopting vegetarianism. Moreover, today is a day of awareness.


Benefits of becoming a vegetarian.


A vegetarian diet reduces heart attacks and strokes. In addition, it can lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol. If you eat lentils, beans, peas as well as fruits, it can improve your iron deficiency. They are rich in potassium and fibre. Vegetarian food can reduce fatigue and is good for hair growth.

The month of vegetarianism.

This is a Vegetarian Awareness Month which will end on 1st of November.

Hence although it will be difficult for us to suddenly become a vegetarian it is worth a try. The one solution that we can come up is at least try to avoid the habit of eating non-veg food every day. If we can balance our diet in both ways then it will be beneficial for us in the long run.



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