Lets celebrate the International Girl Child Day

International Girl Child Day.



Today is a special day for every girls in the world. Because we are blessed to have a day for celebrating our worth. This is an international observance day by UN. In addition, this day will ensure a thorough investigation of crimes and inequalities faced by girls. This day actually celebrates the success of girls in social fields of all kinds.

The history behind the celebration of this day.

First of all, this initiative began as a project of an international NGO. Plan International is the NGO that raised the importance for nurturing girls globally. Therefore the initiative first began in developing countries.

India and her version of Girl Child Day.


India always had her version when it comes to girls and women. We can’t judge the status of girls from other countries to India. Right from the earlier times, there were ample evidences to testify girl’s discrimination. Although in the current age, girls and women are getting their shares of equality and higher status in the society. They are indeed moving ahead. However the crimes makes it worse. They disturb the equal balance for both women and men. Moreover these crimes also degrades men’s status. So it is time that we need to tackle these situations equally. It is not a woman’s problem alone but a collective concern.

So lets raise our toast to cheer for this wonderful day and thank our parents for raising us beautifully, despite odds.


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