Leftover Food Recipe-Using leftover chapatis to make delicious sandwich

Unique Ways in Which Leftover Chapattis can Help in Preparing Delicious Sandwiches

Leftover Food Recipe-The sandwich has been an ideal quick snack for people who value time more than anything else. It is a snack that can be made quickly without any hassle and requires less time. People, either young or old, prefers consuming sandwich because it is tastier in the mouth, a quick bite to shorten the pangs of hunger for a brief period as well as it is a healthy option given its methods do not require salt, sugar, spices or oil. Although one can add either of them for their own taste benefit it’s not a mandatory option.

Here are the ingredients required and the recipe:

Serves– 2-3


4 leftover chapatis 2 boiled and peeled potato, cut slices 1 capsicum, cut rings 1 cucumber, cut slices 2 tomatoes, cut slices 1 onion, cut slices 1 small block processed cheese 3-4 tbsp green chutney.


Chaat masala- as per taste Salt – as per taste Black pepper- as per taste 1 tsp refined oil 1 tbsp butter Tomato ketchup.


  • Place a chapati on a clean and dry surface. Spread green chutney and arrange potato slices, capsicum rings over it and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
  • Grate processed cheese over it and cover with another chapati. Again apply green chutney on the chapati on top and arrange cucumber, tomato slices over it and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
  • Grate some more cheese and cover with another chapati. Apply green chutney, arrange onion slices and season with chaat masala, salt & pepper.
  • Grate some cheese & cover it with another chapati.
  • Heat refined oil & butter in a pan. Place the prepared chapati sandwich on it & cover with a lid for 2 mins or till the top gets crispy.
  • Flip it over carefully using a plate & let the other side get crispy too. Cut the chapati sandwich into pieces using a sharp knife. Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Considering sandwich is a Western invention, this short video will change the way, a sandwich can be prepared with an Indian touch. Watch to know it more.


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