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Las Pozas Xilitla in Mexico would give you an amazing experience of a lifetime.

Amazing facts to know about Las Pozas Xilitla in Mexico.


Xilitla is a small town in the state of San Luis Potosi in Mexico. First of all, the town is really beautiful. It has fertile mountains and springs. The whole landscape is very scenic. However the town has become popular because of a unique garden called Las Pozas. The garden has several waterfalls and pools with beautiful surrealist sculptures. Firstly the natural beauty of the town and this garden has attracted people a lot. Therefore it is a very ideal tourist destination in Mexico.

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Edward James- the artist who created this garden.

Las Pozas is a unique garden in the town of Xilitla . English artist, Edward James created this garden, because he was inspired by the natural beauty of the town. He was a 20th century poet and artist. He always had the aim of setting up his dream “garden of Eden”. The origin of the garden goes back to 1947 when the artist was living in Mexico. Because he was from an elite background, he was capable of owning the coffee plantations near Xilitla.


Moreover as an avid nature lover, he was spellbound by the beauty of Mexico’s jungles. Therefore he first created a garden called Las Pozas. He filled the garden with rare flower and plant species as well as several exotic animals.  But once a major climatic change destroyed the vegetation and the animals. As a result, being an artist of the surrealist movement, he reconstructed the garden. He made several surrealist sculptures and created a unique sculpture garden.

The beauty of Las Pozas.


The garden is really unique and rare. The garden has more than 30 structures. It has sculptures of plants as well as beautiful winding staircases like a fairy tale leading to nowhere. Certain structures resembles the glass- stained cathedrals of Europe.


There are also several huge columns that looks like giant flowers. While certain structures looks straight out from a Gothic fantasy novel. There are gates and pavilions that looks like the castles from fairy tales.

iron gate on junge path

However what makes this garden unique and special is that it is surrounded by lush green wilderness spread everywhere. Apart from these rare structures, the natural surroundings completes the garden’s look. The construction of the garden was done in such a way that it looks natural and surreal.



Hence the artist has made a garden with a combination of fantasy and reality. Whether you are a lover of arts or not, this garden will make you forget the reality. Also the natural surroundings has attracted nature lovers across the world. Thus if you are an ardent traveler, visiting this place is a must.





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