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Know your pet better – #7 reasons dogs lick.

Know your pet better – #7 reasons dogs lick.

Dogs are such adorable pets to have. They are one such pet almost everyone would have had at one point in their lives. They share a feeling of compassion for their keepers and bonds real quick. Many times they are better than a human and they have their ways to show how much they are fond of us.

Well, all of you know that dogs lick their owners and other companions is a way of showing affection towards them. But are you aware of the fact that there are plenty of other reasons that can be interpreted through a dog’s licking? Yes, that sounds a little odd but the dumb creature ought to express its feeling somehow.

If you’ve never heard of this before, check out these 7 interpretations that your dog has probably been trying to tell you lately.

  1. A Mood Statement

 dogs wagging tail and licking

You can get to know about your dog’s mood by the way he’s licking. If your pet is waving its tail and approaches you happily to lick you, that’s an excellent sign as it is showing how much they love you. But if it’s sitting in the corner and licking itself, there’s something wrong and you need to look into this.

  1. Showing their Submission

 two dogs licking each other

Dogs will lick another dog to surrender itself. Young dogs often run to the older ones and lick their face. That is a way to show their submission and also an invitation to play.

  1. Marking a Territory.

 dogs waving tail and licking

Not in its literal sense, but this is a technique especially used by mother-dogs to connect to its young ones and also to show possessiveness for its kids and companions.

  1. Relieving from stress.

 dogs licking when stressed

The same way people are biting their nails and lips when they are nervous, licking is its sign of showing anxiety and a way of trying to relax or de-stress itself.

  1. Something smells nice.


We all know its senses works really well when it comes to smelling hence, It’s the easiest to guess as they lick everything that has a good smell. So, the next time your dog licks your skin it might be a compliment.

  1. Some Grooming is required.
 grooming dogs at home


Dogs also want to look nice in front of other dogs. If they’re licking their hair, then it’s a sign for you to concern about its everyday rituals.

  1. Needs medication.
hurt dog licks itself


The dog might just have had a wound and it’s trying to treat it the natural way or seeking your attention towards the pain. Watch out, it might just need medication.


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