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Ways to know about keeping your pets clean and hygienic | Pet Care |

Ways to be aware of pet hygiene. 

Pet Care

Pet Care

Pet Care- Keeping your pet clean is as important as keeping your home clean. Every tiniest thing your pets uses needs to be hygiene and cleanliness.  Pets complete our life but they can also be responsible for messiness, fur, dirt and dander. So here we provide you with few tips to keep your home and pet messy-free.


Always wash your pet’s bedding.

Just as our beds need regular cleaning, same goes to your pet. Clean bedding leads to less dancer and cleaner environment for your pet. Bedding should be washed with a mild fragrance which ultimately leads to the elimination of flea dirt.

Avoid overgrown nails and trim them.

Pet Care

Pet Care

Overgrown nails are unhealthy and quite common in dogs but it is also responsible for causing problem and difficulty to your pet while they walk. It is always advisable to clean and trim your pet’s nails.

Store Pet Food in the proper manner.

Don’t feed your pet food that has been sitting out overnight. Be precautious if you feed your pet raw foods. Always cover the food you offer your pet as open foods attract rodents which lead to contaminate the food with parasites.

Wash Toys and replace them with overtime.

Hard toys need to be cleaned with hot soapy water with a mild bleach solution. Dirty toys attract bacteria, yeast and mould which goes directly into your pet’s mouth and results in infection. Also, wash collars in every six weeks to coincide with grooming.

Be aware of tick prevention.

Always be diligent and aware of tick prevention. Outfit your pet with proper flea and keep washing their paws when they come from a walk or so. Dental care is equally important for every pet owners as many breeds are prone to this disease.

Pet Care

Pet Care



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