Just started dating? The way you send them text says everything about your relationship

Texting- a new form of relationship:

It’s 2017 and the way we text each other- signifies a lot about everything in dating.  Texting is important when you talk to a person the whole day . In this virtual world, texting is an indicator of what a person is while texting. A simple text can say a lot about who you are and how you communicate. In many ways, texting has made communication hell lot easier and people know how to avoid awkward or unpleasant conversations.

Want to discover a deep truth about your new relationship just by looking at your texting style? You’ve come to the right place!



  • You Reply To Your Bae As Fast As You Can



Instead of hanging them up in middle or making them wait for your text, you reply to your partner as soon as you get their text.  This just signifies how you like your significant other and would not like to keep them waiting. You’re comfortable in your own skin and your partner knows that. You’re straightforward with each other and clearly, don’t like hiding your feelings. Replying them right away is a great sign that they’re special in your life and would be that way for a long time.



  • Sending Memes Like He’s Your Best friend


Nothing is better than having a boyfriend who is your meme partner. If you share memes with your partner, here’s a good news- He’s a best friend before to you. That being said, you both are fun and really like each other’s company. You have a long way to go when your meme partner has the same taste in memes. More than romancing, you both laugh at each other’s joke. Relationship goals, isn’t it?


  • The Emoji Fanatic Couple


Both of you are obsessed with sending emojis- plain and simple. An emoji a day keeps the sadness away is true for you both. You even utilize the use of all the vowels in your text. Instead of ‘Amazing’, your text would rather look like ‘Amaaaaaaaazing’. Just like these emoticons, you both are full of emotions. Even when there is relationships problem on a way, you don’t keep this emojis at a bay but still, use it.



  • Not Careful About Vocabulary


If you both are not at all bothered about the vocabulary game while texting, either you’re not really feeling for this person, or you both are struggling when it comes to the text game. We get it that our lives are busy and texting is annoying to most of the people. If you’re straight-forward and open to each other in real life, there’s no need to worry at all.




  • You Reply To Each Other After Hours

If anyone of you is doing this intentionally, you’re in trouble or desperately in need of some healthy relationship tips. Like really, you just got into a new relationship and don’t feel the urge to reply to your partner instantly, in which way is your relationship really heading? We’re not in middle school anymore, be a person and reply as soon as you can do so thoughtfully.  Stop playing games and be a mature person when it comes to your texting style.



Now you know what to do and what not to do while texting to your partner? If you want to create a connection, use the above-mentioned relationship tips while you text your partner. Invest in it and we’re sure you would love texting your bae every second.


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