Journey of Sunny Leone from a Pornstar to a Bollywood actress

Sunny Leone- The new face of Bollywood


Sunny Leone has always made an impression on hearts of millions as a pornstar and after becoming bollywood actress. Only jerks are ashamed or slam her past job instead of focusing on the good she is doing nowadays. The sensational beauty’s journey was not easy as it may seem to the audiences.  She was the first Bollywood actress who was a prior porn star. Indians are not kind when it seems to acceptance in society. Same happened with Sunny, but with time people’s mind-sets are changing and they have started Sunny because of her hard work and determination towards her goals.

Her first Bollywood Movie-


This Bollywood actress’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. She first came into the limelight of Indian audience when she became a participant of a famous reality show- Big Boss in 2011. Her charm was hard to resist, and she was offered a movie by Mahesh Bhatt when he entered the house as a guest. This is how she signed for Jism 2.

When she turned Baby Doll Sone Di-

After signing few films such as Ragini MMS 2, Sunny’s item songs made way to the chartbuster every time. Her dancing moves with the stellar composition of Meet Bros made Baby Doll a forever hit. Soon Sunny’s films started becoming a box-office success and she started her journey as a Bollywood actress.

Adopted daughter irrespective of caste, colour or background status-

She has had a long journey from a Pornstar to Bollywood actress. Her fans love her more than ever and she is having a happy space in her personal life too. Just a month ago, Sunny and her husband Daniel adopted a toddler who was rejected by 11 parents. They had applied on the portal of CARA, the apex body of adoption on September 30 last year. After completing all the formalities and other stuff, Leone adopted a adorable baby child named ‘Nisha Kaur Webber’.



These reasons are enough why Canada-born actor should not be judged because of her past work. She has been working hard to gain only the love and respect from fans. Her determination is clearly seen as she shoots for her next movie to pull off a never seen before look by applying prosthetics for her next project. Sunny Leone has come a long way and has amazed us not only with her power-packed performances but also her acting powers.



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