Inspirational Thoughts – make your own choices and live with them.

Inspirational Thoughts – make your own choices and live

with them.

Inspirational Thoughts and live with them- You are a unique soul and what makes you unique are the choices you make in life. So is it fair on your behalf to live someone’s life when you could have one of your own? Well, following the footprints is an easy way to reach to the end but do you realize that you’re given a single life and only one chance to make the most of it the way you want. If yes, then why have you not ruled out the rules that so far obstructed you to be who you are and explore what you could be. You still have chapters to be written, so without much-a-do start writing a good one.

We wanna help you with your big step and here are a few simple choices you can swear by to start afresh.

  1. “I CHOOSE – to make changes, not excuses.”

Inspirational Thoughts


  1. “I CHOOSE – to be useful, not used.”


Inspirational Thoughts

  1.  “To be motivated, not manipulated.”

Inspirational Thoughts

  1. “self-esteem, not pity.”

Inspirational Thoughts

  1. “to excel, not compete.”

Inspirational Thoughts

  1. “ To listen to my Inner voice, not the random opinions of others.”

Inspirational Thoughts

  1. “I Choose to live by choice, not by chance.”

Inspirational Thoughts

In case you forgot, you are one hell of a person and capable enough to decide what makes you happy and lively. Nobody knows you better than yourself and to make better you need to make your choices. Afterall, it’s your life and it’s you who should decide what you want from it. Even if things don’t end up as planned at least you will have the satisfaction of trying. Make your footprints to be followed. Make your life by your choices and live with them.

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