Indore was declared India’s Cleanest City by Swach Survekshan 2017


Plastic waste can damage our planet in many ways. Modern life without plastic is quite unthinkable, but the worst part of plastic is how it affects lands, oceans and waterways. Indore, a city in West-Central India which is famous for Rajwada Palace and Lal Baag Palace is also the cleanest city in India, which is quite an achievement in itself.image1

Until last year, Indore like the rest of the cities was choking on its plastic waste. Public always used plastic in the most harmful manner which was later collected and burned thus sending toxic fumes into the air. In 2017 January, the city came up with a new plastic strategy which was quite a smart way to tackle the plastic waste. The plan was to recycle the plastic by making it to use road. 


The strategy was to collect plastic with door-to-door garbage collection. Over 1,000 metric tonnes of garbage is daily connected in this beautiful city. This action was a stepping stone in making Indore win the cleanest city award in India. The project which started in June 2015 took a year to achieve 100% door-to-door garbage collection. Indore is now the India’s Cleanest City in the world.


Goals of the Municipal corporation 

The city is has bigger goals which includes complete waste segregation at source and managing the city landfill site at Devguradiya. It also aims in establishing a waste-to-energy plan by 2019. However, the most difficult challenge at the moment is to manage the waste at Devguradia. A combustion of gases is formed due to the regular dumped garbage.  The municipality are establishing a modern transfer station which would help in taking garbage from tippers to collection centres. The authorities also want to operate small composting plants for biodegradable waste, plastic waste collection and processing unit.


Till now, two engineered landfill sites have been created which are over six acres each. A waste management technique known as Bioremediation is used which involves the use of organisms to neutralise pollutants. Indore has got the contract for the establishment of a 20MW waste to energy plant. And there is another plan to process construction and demolish waste.

Indore’s Swatch Bharat campaign was successful which has lead to extinction of plastic bags in the city.  All we need is a behavioural change, co-operation and the wish among the public to make their city more clean and safe.

Source: TOI



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