Things to know about Ileana D’cruz’s body dysmorphic disorder and her struggle.

Ileana D’Cruz’s struggle with body dysmorphic disorder:

Ileana D'Cruz

Various celebrities have described their struggles in their health and career. Ileana D’Cruz is the latest one to join this list. Because she has struggled with depression and body dysmorphic disorder. She struggled with this disorder for 15 years. Things were not the same for her during her depression phase.

Her life during the phase of this disorder:

Ileana D'Cruz

First of all, she never wanted to become an actor. Because she was always a shy person. During her teenage years, she was body shamed. Due to this, she became obsessed with her body. She wanted everyone to accept her.

Furthermore, once she started acting, her condition became worse. In addition, she also had suicidal tendencies. But she was thankful that she realized her mistake.

Body dysmorphic disorder- and how to cope with it:

After her struggle, she found ways to cope with the disorder. As a result, her life changed when she accepted her struggle.

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental disorder. Here, a person is obsessed with the idea of a flawed body or perfection. Therefore this disorder makes people conscious about their appearance. They keep checking their appearance every short period of time. Also, they would compare their appearance with others.

Ileana D'Cruz

Ileana D’Cruz

Especially relevant is that the symptom of this disease is not clearly defined. Seems like people with this disorder avoids social gatherings. They are afraid to communicate with others. They lose their self-confidence.

Ileana D'Cruz

Hence it is the time that we need to embrace our beauty. Comparisons are great to take inspiration but it is not about degrading our own self. Probably this is a disorder that we all can relate to. 



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