If Indian politicians were ‘Game of Thrones’ character!

Indian politicians as characters from Games of Thrones

Games of Thrones is one of the most popular American TV series. First of all, the season 7 of the series came to an end. As a result, many jokes were made on the series’ characters. In addition, Indian politicians are another source of controversy and jokes. Therefore brilliant comparisons are made between the Indian politicians and the characters in Games of Thrones.

Indian politicians as the characters in the series:

 Hence lets look at some of the comparisons between the two:

Firstly, Sonia Gandhi as Cersei Lannister.

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Cersei Lannisters’ family is similar to the Gandhi family. Since they have all the resources, power and heritage. Hence, Cersei does remind us of Sonia Gandhi. They are both protective for their children at any cost.

Maneka Gandhi as Catelyn Stark.

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Catelyn Stark was ambitious and had a strong grudge against family power. Smart, intelligent and always keeping their sons on check, Menaka and Catelyn share a lot in common.

Amma as Khaleesi


Khaleesi’s character is similar to Amma of Tamil Nadu. Because just like Dany, Amma ruled all the Tamilians’ heart. Her sudden death shocked every people in Tamil Nadu. The amma of poor will always rule our hearts like a true legend.

Rahul Gandhi as Tommen


Also Tonmens’ character is similar to Rahul Gandhi. Since they are both weak willed and a young prince. Much as they try their best, they are no good in their respective fields.

Lalu Prasad Yadav as Walder Frey

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Bitter, competitive and hard to deal with, they both complement each other. Both of them have quite a kids and these characters have achieved so much on their own. Lalu, a difficult man to please resembles Walder Frey perfectly!

Shashi Tharoor as Petyr Baelish


Extremely educated, cleverest, wicked and the most talented of all. Both of them share quite a few qualities. Petyr is at times the smartest character who play the game in the right way and at times he becomes the most unpredictable character- just like Shashi!


Kiran Bedi as Yara Greyjoy


Probably the two similar personalities, they are strong and independent in a male dominated world. Both Yara and Kiran are full of potential and has a long way to go.  Kiran is one of the few women who have made her own place in the world of dominating and foolish men.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee as Ned Stark


Finally we can see a sharp similarity between the two. Both are known for their unwavering sense of loyalty and justice in their respective houses. The former Prime Minister of India resembles the most favourite character of GOT- Ned Stark!



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